Thursday, December 22, 2005

Finally-The Tag As Promised

Recently The Assman snuck in the back door and tagged me.
As promised I'm returning the favor before Christmas.

So here it goes, my 5 Weird Habits.
This was interesting because I had to keep separating habits from secrets, but I think I got it straight.

1. I'm so orally fixated that when I go to bed at night I sometimes suck my thumb.

2. I write 99% of my stories at work, causing me to either jerk off there or attack CJ when I come home.

3. I'm an avid list maker-digital and written and about all sorts of things, especially ideas for stories, questions, layout, etc about this blog.

4. Unless we have plans to go out, I get undressed as soon as I get home from work.

5. I almost always participate in these tags.

Now for the Quid Pro Quo:

Anyone's Girl

Orchid and Aragon

Crazy Ass Thoughts

Late Starter

Busty Gal


Simon Kade said...

Great Blog! Looking forward to exploring further when time permits. Have to tell you something. Simon says from one anonymous blogger to another, with a bit of not so difficult photoshop I get a pretty good idea what you look like. Well, at the very least that your dark hair is natural via that shower pic below. Frankly like what I see. Be cautious. Heh. :::wink:::

Keep up the good work.


Aragorn said...

LOL, came here to see what you had tagged me with. Glad to find out that it was a tag that I had received earlier from Shay as well ... yippee, only one answer to think of ... Will do so asap ... (thanks for being such a faithful reader) - A

Anonymous said...

What makes you think I want to remain anonymous?
...figured a long time ago that if anyone I know finds me here, I'll wonder about them

Glad you discovered me and I hope that after the New Year you'll get a chance to know me better, in the mean time I'll stop by your site.

Simon Kade said...

Was just teasing you. By all means would look forward to less elusive pics. :::wink:::

Simon says have a great christmas.

Bunny ~N~ Early said...


I like your site. Looks like you and cj can get quite "freaky". Maybe you'll put more pictures up.

-Bunny & Early

Midwestern City Boy said...

Happy Holidays. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Kim said...

Happy Holidays, sweetie! Your blog makes me do things I should only do with three other people and a video camera. haha


Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

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Desireous said...

LOL I almost always participate in these tags too. They're fun arent' they?!! My favorite part is tagging others!
Hope you had a great holiday!


quanzer said...

Hey sexy. I complied and did my list. What do you think?

Suze said...

Debs, just noticed you have Corinthian Couple on your sidebar, unfortunately they have stopped blogging.

BTW, hope you had a good holiday.

Anonymous said...

Suze...thanks, I wondered what happened..too bad I was really enjoying them.