Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Technical Difficulties

Well, for some unknown reason I was unable to get to my site for about a day and I wasn't able to comment on any of fellow bloggers sites.
It seems as though my life has been full of technical difficulties in more ways than one for a week or so now.
Hopefully there should be some good shots to post for CBW and HNT this week.
Hold on....I'm cumming !


Hugh said...

yeah, blogger was being an evil bastard last night, It seems to be ok now though

Jay said...

happened to me too

Midwestern City Boy said...

Blogger was basically dead yesterday. I had the same problem that you did. Blogger finally posted something about this but they were silent for a long time. Maybe they should post Blogger's status on a different machine.

Suze said...

Debbie, glad to see you back online.

bedroomdancer said...

Yeah, I've been having lots of blogger issues too. I agree, Hugh, "evil bastard" for sure. LOL.

Biker & Teacher said...

Ditto! At first I thought it was something I did. Glad we were (are) in the same situation!

I am glad we are all back!

The Teacher

Anonymous said...

Yep, glad we're all back
BTW Teach...you're site looks terrific these days!