Friday, December 16, 2005

Helpful hints

Tonight Deb and I decided to watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; one of my favorite Johnny Depp movies about the exploits of one of my favorite writers: the late immortal Hunter S. Thompson.

Now I know that some did not find his prose profound, but I have always appreciated the utter genius of the brilliantly insane, and Fear is a wonderful example of the hallucinatory bloodlust of the late '60s and early 70's - a true paean to excess!

Anyway, I like to play a little game when I watch the movie, and Deb decided that she wanted to play along. It goes like this: every time you see Dr. Gonzo take a hit of something illegal, you have to drink a shot of tequila.
Now tequila and I are good friends, and as I have a profound respect for Las Mescallito, I only drink good tequila like Patron or in this case one of my favorites, a little number called Cazadores so I usually have not hangover the next day the way you would with cheaper varieties (say, like, anything made by Sauza)

Anyway, Deb dropped out about half-way through the movie with the excuse that she had to go to work tomorrow, and since Mescalito and I are such good friends, I trundled onward.

After the movie and much to my chagrin, she decided to change the code on her blog page, and within quick order had completely fucked it all to hell and back.
"I don't know what I did!! I copied the code back from a save, and the links to Clit Tickles are still fucked up!!!"
"It's a syntax error Deb", I said calmly
"No! It looks fine. There's nothing wrong with the syntax!! Oh shit! Now what????"
Now, she's the HTML and CSS queen and far be it for me to suggest the little I know, but it made sense that if Dreamweaver says (as well) that the syntax is bad, that the syntax is fucking bad!

That's the problem with Deb and tequila - she doesn't know she's druck untic shee sturts durring thins lick edtitititing brogs. ;)
Bet you thought that this was going to end up in a fuck session of massive proportions, didn't you? Nope. We both know better: alcohol dulls the senses.

So let that be a lesson to you kiddies: don't drink and blog!
(Me? My lesson is "don't drink and dial" - heh heh heh.)

So for us, if you went to the site last night and things were a bit helter skelter, don't blame it on Deb - blame it on good 'ol Doc Gonzo, me, and my friend Mescalito.


Jamluv said...

I just love you guys, featured you in my post today check me out

Hugh said...

a gonzo fan huh? I am also a big fan of hunter thompson and thought the movie was great. I relly enjoyed the book as well.

taking a shot of tequila every time he ingests a substance... JESUS, no wonder debbie was comfortably numb, I am pretty sure I would be too

Anonymous said...

Hey...having to go to work the next day wasn't an was a reason!
LOL :)

pantylines said...

don't drink and blog, that is funny!

so do we now have madb? LOL

Anonymous said...



Desire X said...

I love that movie.
Sometimes I swear I see bats too!

Happy holidays to you both.
May the tequila flow!

Kim said...

Mothers Against Drunk Blogging, right PL?

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Whenever you want to hand me that phone number just let me know. For you, I'm always available!


The Venting Housewife said...

Yeah after I changed my template, I had problems with blogroll too. I had to take the code out and go and get a code again, it was messed up.

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

The last time I had tequila, I stopped at the point that there were little green men running around.
As for drunk sex, I like it. Bunny on the other had told me that it was like driving a car under the influence; simply just not a good idea