Friday, December 9, 2005

The Disciplinary Action - Part Two

A blindfold always afford a strange feeling, any touch seems to come from the air. The next thing I felt were Mr. C.’s hands throwing my skirt up, then cool air rushing across my thighs and ass. He nimbly tore my pantyhose down to my ankles, taking my panties along for the ride. I stepped out of them once I was instructed to spread my legs.
I think partially because this scenario was so unexpected and so weird, I could step away from myself. I could visualize myself in regards to what I must look like to Mr. C.: bent over his desk, my bare ass showing, legs spread, and finally a smooth pink pussy peaking out at him.
Nothing happened after I was unceremoniously stripped of my undergarments for a couple of minutes. I held my position, not moving, not wanting to jeopardize my job. Then I heard a familiar sound, the slapping of man meat.
All that went through my mind was ‘why is he jerking off?’, but at the same time I was almost grateful, maybe all he would do is cum on my ass.
The next sensation to come out of the sexy air around me was a warm, very wet, tongue on my asshole. He stopped momentarily to announce that, “Dirty Debbie needed her ass lubed up a bit first.”
He then returned to his job - probing my asshole with his tongue and fingering my pussy with one hand while the other kneaded an ass cheek. I couldn’t help but moan out; the blackness I was in intensified the pleasure my cunt and ass were feeling.

After some time and more moaning, I started pushing my ass backwards towards him. He stopped tonguing me and said, “Oh Dirty Deb you are a fucking slut, I knew you’d want it.”
Lubrication continued, this time with my own warm juices. His fingers painted those juices across my tight ring, then he dipped in hot wet cunt for more and inserted his now wet fingers into my asshole. I cried out as he fucked and spread open my asshole with his thumb and forefinger.
“Ready for your discipline Dirty Deb?”, he asked rhetorically as he stopped playing with me.

The next feeling really drove home how weird all this was. I felt and heard his belt land across my one ass cheek, then the other. I cried out again. He strapped the belt right under my navel and pulled up on it on either side of my hips, pulling me against his stiff cock as he drove it into my ass.
With each of his groans he pulled up on the strap and drilled seemingly deeper into me. I relaxed as best I could, but this was not lovemaking or even good casual sex, it was duty and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.
Another groan.
Another drill.
Another groan.
Then I felt a slap across my ass with his open hand.
“Learning you lesson Dirty Debbie?”, he grunted.
I didn’t answer quickly enough, provoking a deeper rip into my ass and another slap.

Soon the pace picked up, his breathing quickened, he pulled hard on the belt and screamed, “Fuck bitch!”
His cock was like a shotgun emptying hot cum in my ass.
He let go of the belt, pulled out of me, and removed my blindfold.
We got cleaned up and dressed without exchanging a word.
As I moved toward the door Mr. C. just said, “OK Debbie you can keep your job…for now. And don’t forget I expect to see this account in the blog…soon”
I nodded and left his office. When I got back to my desk I started writing this.
But please don’t tell Mr. C. - I did it on company time.

Finally I guess it just proves that sometimes you have to bend over and take one for the company.


Biker & Teacher said...

That was great! I was sweating just reading it. I love how you ended with, ...take one for the company....

I've taken many for the company in the past, but not that way.


The Teacher

Anonymous said...

Hey Teach...

Glad you enjoyed, that's what I'm here for.
BTW: the ending comment was purely CJ, he's my editor.

Lisa said...

Well that was one hot post, I was arouse by it. I added you to my links page of my own blog because I love your site and look forward to see more of it.

Jay said...

god woman that was hot I added you to my blogroll and rated you a 10 check me out if you get the dick is so fucking hard I think I will have to do this to K

ohohgaga said...

this is why i added you a long time because your blog is so damn cool and hot.

Debi said...

LOVE That post!