Monday, January 29, 2007

Bath Time for Debbie

I was one of the lucky one. The Rabbit Vibrator Lady choose me as one of the people she was willing to spread a brand spanking new Rabbit to.
I hopped on the chance so to speak and never looked back.
I chose the Bath Time Bunny Rabbit Vibrator.
He arrived on Thursday, and I had been waiting for the weekend to try him out. He was in my toy drawer, loaded up with batteries and ready to go, as was it.
I ran a good warm bath with bubbles tonight in preparation of my virgin ride.
CJ was willing to document things for me and got a perfect picture of the action, lots of movement.
I started out with the vibrations on low, but once insert I turned it up and turned it up as the pleasure both inside my pussy, and the rabbit ears gently slapping my clit urged me to cum and cum quickly. This toy was just the perfect size for me. It's firm with a jelly like exterior. The bumps around the head were a bonus.
With CJ urging me to do it again, I inserted the rabbit again and this time not only using the vibrations for fun, but I fucked myself with it was so good. I even came hard a second time. I had never used a rabbit before, but had been very curious. It has easily become my favorite toy.
I look forward to trying him in the shower next time, I'm afraid my knees might get weak though.
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The Biker said...

The Teacher loves The Rabbit but I always think it looks like it's giving me the finger. LOL