Thursday, January 25, 2007

An Interview With The Man Behind The Woman

I thought it might be fun to have an interview with CJ. It turned out to be very open and honest. Two things I always admire from the bedroom to the workplace.
This is completely unedited.

Let us know what you think of the questions and ideas that may arise from this interview. Let us know if need to know more, and what that might be.

I picture this becoming very interactive.

1) Dirty Debbie writes a lot of fantasy, what’s it like being the man that gets the real thing?

I think that it contributes not only to her creativity, but is also a release for things she desires. Sometimes I can accommodate her, sometimes I can't.
I get off making her happy, and if writing or chatting with someone about sex is "it", then well and good.

2) You’ve contributed to the blog, but your stories are very different in both material and how they’re written. What’s your inspiration?

My inspiration is whatever pops into my imagination, or whatever my muse prods me towards. For example, Deb has a fantasy about a bisexual experience with Kim Cattrall that piqued my interest, so my muse gave me a scenario to write about.
I like to write in first person because you can "get into" the subject's mind, but I can shift gears to a third person account for true story telling.

3) Are you turned on by your own writing?

Of course.

4) What are your thoughts on Debbie’s “outlet”?

Oh, I fully support her in her endeavors. Over the years things have happened to me physically that have diminished my sex drive - and YES, I've tried Viagra - and it's something I'm working on, but Deb's writings and chats help her to have an outlet for the full depth and breadth of her sex life.

5) What do you think a couple can gain from a sex blog like this?

Well if they are both involved, then I think they can gain insights into each other, and find new ways to please each other through interaction with each other online.
If only one person in the relationship is involved without the other one's knowledge, then there is something wrong that needs to be looked into.

6) What would like to see done differently on the blog.

I've discussed this with Deb, and I know many will agree: Deb needs to keep up her posts. I know how hard it gets (snicker snicker) to write every day, or even several times a week when you've been wiped out by your job, and she's been working on a solution.
It's great when she gets several ideas and writes them down as soon as she can, then saves them in draft to post later.

One thing I would like to see is Deb having a question and answer area for people who want help with their sex lives. Deb originally wanted to be a sex therapist and since she has a good head on her shoulders, could give great advice.

7) Can you tell us a little bedroom secret about the infamous Dirty Debbie?

Well, you probably know by now that DD's nipples are directly connected to her pussy and that she's a champion cock sucker, but I'll bet you didn't know that she's turned OFF by huge dicks. Ask her about how most women feel..

8) How do you feel about having your sex life and Debbie’s fantasies out there for the whole world to see?

As long as people don't know our names and that I'm the executive Vice President of the 700 club and a deacon at the largest conservative evangelical church in Washington D.C., it's just fine.

Next question?


Anonymous said...

Debbie! I love this idea. I might have to steal it, with credit to you of course.

Here's my question CJ: I'd like to hear your take on the first time you met Debbie. What attracted you to her and has that changed/evolved over the years?

CJ said...

WEll, I'd have to say it was initially her beautiful breasts. I walked up to her and whispered in her ear "Nice tits!"

I realise that this is a crappy come-on, but hey - I was 18 at the time.

Our first sexual experience was a true fuckfest - about 6 times if I remember correctly - and from then on it was Katie bar the door.

Over the years, and now especially, I have come to appreciate Deb's squishy brain, her sense of humor, and her empathetic nature.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add a bit to CJ's brief version of what happened.

Even though his opening line turned me off and I put it down to CJ being a freshman, over the next couple months I became fascinated with him. I was in a relationship but it fell apart in the Spring. I ended up propositioning him. He was a wonderful host that night. I'll never forget the Orange-Spice tea that he made me.
He's right about the fuckfest, I literally could barely walk the next morning and I was 20 years old!
Well, what I had planned on being a one night stand happened 28 years ago this May.
It's basic, I love him, he's the only person I know that "gets it"

Anonymous said...

Aw! Sweet! Thanks for sharing that.