Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Starting The New Year Off Right

CJ and I arrived at the mountain resort in the early afternoon. It was a gray day on Sunday, but somehow the mountains, the trees, and the lake still had a certain beauty. People were friendly; the place was rustic with big fireplaces and plenty of wood. It was serene and romantic. We took advantage of brunch first. We got window seats and lazily looked over the lake as we ate.

Afterwards we retired to our room. As soon as we got inside, CJ ‘got comfortable’. He stripped down to his shorts. I funny element about the room is that they had messed up my reservation, which had requested a queen bed. We got to doubles. So I took one and he took the other, we’re too used to a King to be able to sleep in a double.
Soon CJ was visiting my bed. He had that smile on his face that makes me know that no matter what I will always be able to recognize him.
He lay down beside me and started to kiss me. We caressed each other’s arms and hands as our mouths moved together, we nibbled on each other’s lips, ears, and necks. He held me so tight and so close as he touched me in all the right places it felt as though I was being pulled right into me.

He pulled back and helped me unbutton my blouse, then moved his had around to my back to unsnap my bra, my tits, the tits that are all his, were released, nipples erect for him. He got my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and pulled them towards him, turning then, making moan out in pleasure and making them even more erect.

CJ had been keeping his ever bulging meat confined to his shorts, but I knew that couldn’t last much longer. He moved to the end of the bed, unzipped my jeans, and pulled them off. His hunger for my wet pussy was growing and he immediately tore my panties off next.

Next, I got that impish smile from him, and he slowly pulled down his shorts. He knows what I like, so he paused to show me he rock hard cock at attention for me, but just coming out of his pants. Oh fuck, that turns me on. After giving me my little tease, he got completely out his shorts. He came down on me and as I spread my legs and plunged into my steaming cunt. The feel of his cockhead parting my swollen lips and that first sensation of stiff hot cock, even if only a couple inches at first, inside me still thrills me. It still forces me to tilt my hip and raise my ass to fuck him right back, and that’s exactly what I did.

This time there was no hard, hot fuck. There wasn’t a lot of the totally dirty Debbie, it was the loving Deb. We made fantastic love. I looked into his eyes as he slid easily in and out of me, as I met each thrust, they were calling to me. It was as though CJ was saying with his body piercing mine, and his eyes piercing my soul, we became one. I left the drapes open the whole time and I could see the wonder of nature outside as we joined it.

He eventually pulled out and teased me some more by sliding his pussy juicy cock up and down my hot slit from my swollen clit to my pounded hole. He entered me again and the pace quickened. At one point he stopped in a familiar push-up stance above me, not moving as I kept right on fucking him. I just strained my back and ass towards him to keep that stiff cock moving in and out of my pussy. It wasn’t too much longer until our body play brought me to a quaking orgasm, the final surrender to him.

We both napped after that. The reception and dinner didn’t start until 8:30 pm.
As I mentioned in my previous post we really enjoyed the evening. We had planned to make love again just minutes into the New Year, but we had a better time in our room after the party with our own bottle of champagne and talking. We sipped and told stories about our past, during the times we were apart. We didn’t turn out the light until about 2:45 am; even then we kept talking for a bit.
Maybe I could have used some more sleep, but I got more than enough CJ in the process.

It’s a very enjoyable way to start the New Year.


Midwestern City Boy said...

Happy New Year. You and CJ seemed to have started it off right. I want a New Year's Eve getaway like yours one of these days.

creativewriter1985 said...

You two are filthy... I love it!!! Happy New Year!