Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sex Bed Sunday #5

Usually Sex Bed Sunday includes a picture of a well used bed, today it includes a picture of a well used Debbie too.It’s a gray snowy day here on the Chesapeake Bay and we were both feeling kind of ‘blah’.
I took a shower and when I came out CJ met me on the bed. He had the great suggestion to fool around. I wasn’t quite sure he was serious at first, so we talked a little and kissed a little to start.
It was nice just being in bed, dressed in our PJ’s on an early Sunday afternoon.
We were enjoying each other by just being in one another’s arms. CJ began to suck and bite my neck as I nibbled his ears. There was no hurry, and I was really enjoying the sensations that were moving through my body.
My hands moved down the elastic of CJ’s pajamas and I kneaded his ass cheeks as he started to tug and squeeze my nipples. I urged him to keep going, telling him that he was my ‘exquisite torture’. And that he was, the way he held me close as he kissed me. His torture continued and the strong grasps and yanks on my nipples that were quickly closing the barrier between pleasure and pain.
My pussy dampened and my moans were getting louder and closer together.
I was starting to get that feeling of totally succumbing to CJ. His warm hands moved down between my thighs, spreading my legs. His fingers tickled between my pussy lips. He knows right where to tickle my clit and when he hit that spot my ‘Ohhh yes’ escapes. First one finger slipped inside my wet hole, then a second. He slowly explores my pussy with his fingers and fucks me with them. He leisurely finger fucks me and I twist my pussy around his hand as best I can.

Eventually I had to tear myself out of the clothes I was wearing, CJ got up and closed the blinds on the patio door, took off his pajamas, and joined me back on the bed.
I pulled my newest toy from my toy drawer, a pocket rocket and said to CJ,
“Watch me, this is what I do to myself when you’re not here.”
With that I turned on the tiny vibrator and moved it to all the right places around my swollen clit. He scrutinized my actions as he stroked his cock. I soon had to stop my play because I didn’t want to get over stimulated. I wanted everything to last.
By now CJ’s cock was hardening so I moved to kiss him again while my hand moved to stroke his cock for him. I tugged at his cockhead. When I stopped for a moment he push my head down to his crotch. He immediately started talking to me like a slut. It was so nasty, I fucking loved it.
“Come on Deb, suck that cock”, it was as though I couldn’t wrap my mouth around it fast enough.
“You’re a cocksucking whore, you slut suck it”
I took him quickly into my mouth, sucking hard on his cockhead first, but he was pushing his stiff meat down my throat and soon it was hitting the back of my throat. As I slobbered more on that cock the easier it slide up and down my mouth. CJ just leaned back and enjoyed the ride, I do enjoy hearing his sounds of pleasure, and it turns me on. I pulled up and stop sucking for a minute and that’s when CJ gave me an option.
“Well, where do you want it in your mouth, or your pussy Deb?”
I didn’t answer quickly; I licked a bit more on his hardness.
“Which is it? Hurry up Deb”
“My pussy, I want your cock inside me”.
He grabbed the base of his dick; it was standing at perfect attention for me now and said,
“Then climb aboard it”
I moved over on top of him and, as if his cock was hard metal and my wet pussy was a magnet, we entered each other perfectly, making that complete connection.
It wonderful.
I enjoyed him inside him for a moment before I begin moving him in and out of me. I made sure he touched me all over; I moved my hips from side to side, back and forth, then in and out of me. I change up my speed, slow at first, then faster, then another slow down. CJ stayed with me the whole time, I finally reached a point where I had to keep the fast pace up.
“I want to cum all over you babe”, I say with a quiet determination.
He smiled at me, as he often does when we make love and just let me go. I fucked him fast, moving back and forth, sliding easily over the cock that has been well oiled by my dripping pussy. I watched him as I fucked him faster; my rock hard nipples were brushing against his chest. He grabbed my tits, pushed them together and massaged them; knowing I was close to peaking and that would help me over the edge.

“Oh fuck, fuck,” I moaned out as I came, still bouncing on his cock.
I slowed down, having to catch my breath. In between my heaves I lavished CJ with my declarations of love.
I rolled onto my back and CJ was quickly on top of me, spreading my legs, wanting more of my pussy, wanting his release now.
He entered and I hugged his dick and he thrust it deeper inside me. I put my legs up on his back and dug my heels into his back as he fucked me, his moans of pleasure growing until he exploded in me.
“Oh, nice pussy”, he grunted, enjoying his climax.
He kept stirring my pussy and I could feel his balls on my ass. I love the feeling of his smooth balls on me.

As he stayed inside me I looked up at him. The true feelings of love pouring out of me, his look stabbing me right through the heart.
“I have loved you forever”, I said as my eyes welled with tears.
That doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen at times when I make love to CJ. The beauty, the love, the perfection all shine through, the blinding light makes me cry.
In his arms I am loved and safe.
I felt drunk for a little while afterwards. I couldn’t even write this story until hours later.

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woody said...

You look so willing Deb. I could make a feast out of those full sized mams. They give me the old familiar stirring of the loins.


Anonymous said...

Hey Debbie! Don't you just love those moments when you feel so "loved and safe" that you can't help but cry?

And, yes, I am back to blogging. I decided to go with DFP instead of bedroomdancer but otherwise it's the same me. Watch my site for more!

Dee's Husband said...

Wow! This is one of those posts where every time I thought I found a new favorite line it was trumped by one that followed. It's hot, it's beautiful. I love it! You've managed to say things about making love with your soul mate that I try so often to say myself, but somehow I don't seem to manage to get the words out quite right.


CJ said...

I love when Deb cries after we make love, as it shows me that I'm doing my Ultimate Job correctly.

(sigh) I love her so..

drc said...

Good job CJ, it looks like Deb is well spent!