Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Convergence at the Conference

The tone of my voice dropped, became softer, and I spoke more slowly.
“Your cock is so handsome. I promise I’d treat you right. I’ll give you anything you want.”
“Don’t turn this around on me Deb, you tell me what you want, beg for it.”, was his only reply.
I sighed, trying to decide what I would want first from him; it really didn’t take too long:
“I want to be on my knees for you. I want; no, I need your cock in my mouth. Please push that cockhead past my full, wet lips.”
I could hear him moan, ever so lightly so I continued with:
“Did that make your cock twitch?”
“You fucking cock sucking whore, you don’t ask me questions like that!”, he loudly replied.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I just want to do right by you. I want to make you hard. I need to taste your cock!” I sobbed.
“Well bitch maybe if you shut up you could fit my meat in your mouth!”
Hearing that sent those electrical shots down past my tummy and to my pussy, making me wetter and ache more. I let out a small moan again.
“I’m running my tongue across your balls as I squeeze your dick”
Now it was his turn to moan and all he could seem to say was: “Yesss…”
“My tongue runs up your cock, tasting every inch, and since I never get enough I run back down again.”
This time he says nothing, only moans.
“My tongue snakes its way back up your hot meat and I easily pop your spongy head past my lips and teeth, look up at you and start sucking on it.”
I pull my cheeks in to make a sucking sound that he can hear.
“Ohh god…eat it all, suck my cock”, he said breathlessly.
“You watch me as slowly I suck you down my throat. Inch by inch your dick disappears from sight being replaced by the sensation of my warm, wet mouth sucking it.”, I tell him slowly and purposefully.
“Oh you cock sucking whore, now listen to this.”
The next thing I heard got me even more excited. He put the phone to his cock as he jerked off. I could hear that slippery, rhythmic, pounding of his meat.
This time it was me that was filling the room with moans. My pussy ached for release, and my hands ached to play with my clit, but I didn’t have permission yet. I was ready to beg again.
“I made your cock hard, can’t I please play with myself? Thinking of that cock of yours is driving me wild.”
“Touch yourself baby and tell me what you’re doing.”, was his answer.
A shiver ran down my back thinking of telling him how I was jerking off. I propped myself up on my pillows, bent my knees, and spread my legs. I could now see my bare pussy in the mirror across from the bed.
“I can see my pussy in the mirror. I’m moving my hand down and splitting my puffy lips. It’s a nice pussy just for you honey.”, I say
“mmmm…that it is my dear Deb, that it is. I love your hot cunt”, he answered.
“I can see how wet I am, my inner lips are all purple and shiny with my juices.
My clit is swollen and peaking out.”, I describe to him.
“Play with that pussy whore”, he demands.
Again, it’s easy to obey his commands.
“I’m slipping a finger into my steaming cunt now. I wish it were your hot stiff cock CJ. I’m still watching myself as I maneuver my thumb around my clit.”, I told him in between gasps.
“Push another finger in and fuck yourself you god damned nymph.”, was his next instruction.
“I’m pushing a second finger in, god I’m wet”, I moaned.
“That’s my cock Deb, fuck it.”, he said as I heard him jerking off again, this time at a faster pace.
“I’m riding my fingers and tugging on a nipple, can I cum? I want to cum on you, please?”, I begged.
“Soon baby, soon, let me hear you suck your tit.”, he said.
He’d seen me do this before in our bed. SO I removed my juicy fingers from my pussy and cupped my left tit, bent over and slurped my hard nipple into my mouth. I held the phone close by so CJ could hear my moans and the sound of me suckling my own tit.
“Deb I want to fuck you and make you cum”, he said, gasping.
“I wish I had more hands, I wish I had your hands on me.”, I said after letting my breast fall from my mouth.
“Cum for Deb, watch yourself cum in that mirror.”
I ached so badly I couldn’t think straight. Everything I did from now on seemed to be done on total animal instinct. I could barely keep the phone to my mouth because my palm was so sweaty. As I spread my juicy lips and played with my aching clit ever so gingerly, I murmured and moaned into the phone. I quickly hit that peak, that feeling of the point of no return. I knew once I felt that very first wave of orgasm it was downhill from there.
I sighed deeply and screamed into the phone:
“Fuck, fuck FUUUUUUCKK…I’m cummmming! Oh, I look so fucking glorious CJ!”
He didn’t say anything, all I heard was his deep breathing, but then I heard that that sound I live for when we are together, that familiar grunt right before his balls empty into me.
“Oohhh, mmmm, ahhh…fuck bitch, you did it!”, he said as he exploded.
After a short period of silence and repositioning, he said:
“Did you like that Deb? Feel better now?”
“mmmm,yummy”, was all I needed to say.
CJ laughed and promised me a better and longer time together when I returned home.
“Thanks babe, I love you”, I murmured.
“Sweet dreams babe”, he said.
I hung up the phone and turned out the light. I was smiling as I curled up against the pillows, closed my eyes, and fell asleep with a smile on my face and the knowledge that I would soon be winging my way home to make our fantasy a reality.


Desireous said...

That was so hot Deb! Phew!


Anonymous said...

Thanks I feel so better wrting again.

It makes me so hot when I think of CJ and write these stories.
Glad to know I'm doing my job.

Secret Swinger said...

I love it!

SalsaTantra said...

Well done job. I hope CJ 'pays' you well and in full ;-)

Anonymous said...


Cyber Erotic said...

Deb we were so happy to see you on our little map. Keep coming by. Tomorrow nights show is all about foreplay and I think your postings are a great example of it.

........i'd leave a longer comment, but damn woman, you made me so wet......

xxx Grumps xxx

Aragorn said...

Sweet dreams Deb !! Well deserved ... (One hand on the phone, the other on his cock, wondering who took the picture ... ;-). Hugs - A

Shay said...

OOoh VERY nice!

Also, I love the picture ^_^

bedroomdancer said...

That pic cracked me up. But in a good, complimentary way. ;-)

Anonymous said...

bedroomdancer...LOL yes I know what you mean, and did you notice the reflection in the glass table top desk?