Thursday, January 24, 2008

Strapping It On for Him-Part Two

Read about the first part of the strap-on here.

Although I asked more than once his answers only came in moans. For years and years I’ve known what it’s like to have that need to be filled with cock. This time I was the one giving it. Once it was lubed up, my thumb moved easily in and around his ass.
Luckily for CJ, I had trimmed and smoothed my nails beforehand.

“Come on honey relax, it’s only me”, I said softly from behind his neck. I massaged him from his ass cheeks up his back as my cock flopped between his thighs.
Once I felt him start to relax, to trust that everything was going to be good, I began to ease "my" cockhead into his ass. Although I couldn’t feel any sensation through it, my entrance into CJ was still something interesting and different. It was as though I had something extra to get my sexuality across to my partner.

I put my hands on both sides of his hips and eased him farther down my shaft. CJ moaned out again, beginning to truly enjoy it. Then I started to turn HIM into my slut for once. Show HIM what it’s like to take cock. I eased my thrusts in and out of him, fucking him totally with my strap-on cock and he fucking loved it. Dare I say, he took it like a man. I made sure that my entire shaft stayed fully lubed so he wouldn’t have any trouble taking me all in.

As I slowly fucked him I reached down and stroked his hard cock, squeezing it in my hand. I have always loved the feel of a throbbing cock in my hand and this time it was really something, the throbbing and the heat joined his hardness in a time of perfection. He moaned out enjoying not only the touch of my hand, but also the feel of being fucked at the same time. The bent cockhead finally tickled his prostate and he screamed out, “Fuck bitch”.
“Tell me you want it, tell me how you love it”, I said as I stirred his ass with my cock.
“Yes, yes I can feel you in my balls”
When he said that, I moved to his nuts and tugged at them; apparently, he was closer to the breaking point than I had realized. With one loud groan, his nuts exploded and he squirted hot white goo all over the sheets.

I slowly pulled "my" cock from his ass and began to lick and clean up his semi-hard cock. Moving beneath him, between his spread legs, taking long lollipop licks up the underside. I relish the taste of CJ and this time was no different, yummy!
“I’ll be your slut any day Deb, you know that” was all he said to me as I began to devour him one more time.

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Citykid said...

Mmmmm lucky man, to have that experience. Makes me feel empty. Wish my gf was here to give it to me . . .