Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Gamble - Introductions

The Gamble-Intro

this was the hotel fantasy I thought about while trying to fall asleep in the room Saturday night

It was one of my usual trips to the casino. Ever since I started going, about five years ago, I've enjoyed it. I relax easily there. I like the excitement of the slots or watching a poker game. One of my favorite ways to relax is in a good bar at the casino with some good music and a well made, cold, Cosmopolitan.

So I did just that. I ended up at the Emerald Lounge. A small jazz quartet was playing, and it wasn't too crowded. I don't have a problem going places alone so I made myself comfortable at a small table across from the bar, ordered my Cosmo, and settled in to relax and enjoy the jazz.

Not too long after I got comfortable a 40-something couple came into the lounge and got a small booth in a corner next to me. They were obviously just starting the night and were very attracted to each other. So I listened to their cooing and the sax player performing David Sanborn, and order another Cosmo.

Soon the woman comes up to me and introduces herself as Rosemary. I introduce myself, then she asks that since I was alone would I like join her, and her husband. I explained that I didn’t mind being alone, but she insisted and bought me another drink so I thought 'what the hell'. I introduced myself to her husband, John and we started with the necessary small talk (What brings you here? Where are you from? What do you do? Are you having any luck?). After a while it got a bit deeper. Things like politics and current events were discussed. They were an intelligent interesting couple with a good sense of humor. I liked them right away. The jazz kept playing and they included some of my favorite artists (Sade, Boney James, and Earth, Wind, and Fire). More drinks were ordered and the conversation turned to double entendres and finally sex. Now things were getting interesting in my book. Rosemary and I spoke of things men need to know about women and how much we liked good sex. We were delicate in how the conversation progressed. John mostly sat there, smiled, and defended the male of the species as best he could. Ultimately the conversation lagged again and Rosemary told me they had won a case of champagne in one of the daily sweepstakes.

"Would you like to come up to the room for a nightcap?" she asked.

These people were mere strangers only a couple of hours ago and I was well into feeling the effects of my Cosmos. I paused briefly, John interjected:
"Come on Debbie", and I thought I'm here to gamble, so why not take this risk too? Plus I love champagne! Their room was nicer than mine. They had a tower suite with a great view of the lights, a living area with a bar, a Jacuzzi tub, and a large separate bedroom with two queen sized beds.

Rosemary and I sat down in the living room while John opened some champagne. Soon we were working on a magnum of that wonderful dry sparkling wine.
Music played, and we continued our conversation. Champagne always hits me fast and any wine makes me a hornet drunk. Rosemary seemed to be getting the same way. We were giggling over some stupid joke John had joust told when Rosemary looked at her husband, then at me, and said:

"You know what I really like Debbie?"

Having no context as to what she talking about I said, "No, Rosemary what?"

Her answer hit me almost as hard as the champagne....

"I like to watch John fuck other women"

With that I knew the introductions and small talk were over and play-time was about to begin...


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