Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Gray Day (the finale)

gray day finaleWith that remark I open my eyes. I can tell his cock is practically throbbing and his cockhead is becoming bathed in pre-cum. By now he has stopped ordering and stopped speaking. He knows actions speak louder than words. I am basically whimpering from delight, waiting to tell him how much I want him, how much I need him.
Of course, he has to start with a tease.
With his cock in hand, he runs the tip of his spongy cockhead up and down my now very slick and beautifully decorated cunt slit. I can see him breathing more heavily as I just keep moaning out. He leans over me and whispers to me “Tell me what you want, come on say it now!”
I scream out “Oh god, fuck me, please fuck me!!”
With that he slams into my steaming, tight, wet, aching pussy. I immediately clamp around his dick, tilt my hips up and rock with him. In between thrusts he kisses my neck and sucks my tits. As I moan out and hold him close to me he slows down his pace, exploring in circles with his cock, the velvety walls of my pussy. I hug and release his meat as he does this. He slowly starts pumping again. My legs ache now and I don’t care. I lean up for another turn on – watching him slide in and out of me. Watching that thick hard cock seemingly pierce me and disappear into my hot hole. He quickens the pace again.

We are both getting close….closer

I start arching my back, as much as I can with my legs tied down, to meet his hard deep thrusts. God how he fills me up! I need it and I know he does too.
I moan out as best I can “You’re making me cum……oh god I’m cumming”
CJ sends a few very quick deep thrusts into me and just groans out. He buries himself in me, his balls rub against me as once again they are emptied by me, this time into my cunt.
He remains on top of me, kissing and nibbling me all over. He goes soft inside me, then pulls out and quickly unties my legs.

Now for some nice hot tea on such a gray day
Constant Comfort….of course


Spelliswonder said...

Ooooh! Just stumbled on your stuff! Bookmarked! ;)

virtual lovers said...

Hey this is great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for kind words guys, I'll try to 'keep it up'