Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Gray Day (the middle)

I’m sure CJ could see the anticipation in my eyes as he lined up my toys like doctor’s instruments before surgery. Everything he kept doing was surprising me, tantalizing me, challenging me, and I loved it. I started out the morning thinking I was going to be the one in charge, but it soon became clear that CJ was very much in charge. Dirty Debbie was about to become someone’s little submissive bitch.
I started to speak and was strongly, but gently told to keep quiet, that I would be told when to speak. My wrists were being tied up above with my cuffs. A pillow was placed under my ass, then my ankles were tied to the foot of the bed, spread eagle. Another pillow was propping up my head. He looked at his handy work and at me, straight in the eyes, saying: “Now do you feel dirty, Debbie?”
“Yes sir, yes, I feel very bad” I answered almost sheepishly.
“There is definitely a procedure you’ll need to perform for me, but I have to prep you first”, CJ informs me.
I didn’t say anything, I just nodded. I learned a couple of years ago the proper behavior of a sub. With that he opened the mint gel and rubbed it on my nipples, it cooled them off, making them even more erect, and it felt great. I let out a gasp. Then he proceeded to blow on them, intensifying the sensation. I love having my tits played with, he knows what it does to me. I started squirming against my restraints and moaning.
“You stupid bitch, stay still or I’ll stop right now, do you want that, do you want me to stop?”
“No sir, no. It’s wonderful. I’ll be good I promise”
CJ starts up again, now licking the gel off my nipples. It’s driving me absolutely wild. What’s even worse is that I have to stay still if I want more ! He begins to suck and bite my nipples now. When my tits fall out of his mouth I look at my nipples and think to myself ‘I’ve never seen them so hard’. I moan out, but only softly, only a little, it’s all I’m allowed. Next he ties on my nipple tension jewelry, it’s gold and nicely dresses up my tits. Then he begins to tug on the chain that runs between them. Painful and pleasurable at the same time. My nipples grow even more ! and the signals to fuck like a god damned whore hit my pussy like thunder.
“Now let’s finish up” CJ says as he starts up my small vibrator. Does he know how badly I want that inside me? How badly I need something inside me right now? Instead of shoving it up my cunt, he runs it back and forth across my tits as he yanks on that chain that titillates my tits. I bite my lower lip to keep from moaning out in ecstasy. My pussy now aches so badly it feels as though most of my lower body is on fire.
“Good, very good, this time Debbie” he says as he places the vibrator back into it’s place on the night table.
“Now Debbie go ahead and tell me what you are now that I have played with your tits so well” he instructs me.
I know that he knows the answer, but he wants to hear me say it.
Softly I say “I’m your cock sucking whore”
“What?” he taunts me, “Louder”
“I’m your cock sucking whore, sir” I say louder.
“Damn straight bitch, so since I’ve prepped you, it’s time for your injection”
With this he straddles my head, holding onto the head of the bed. His knees hold my head in place. His cock is hard, his balls tight, and his musk fucking delightful.
His cockhead touches my lips, it’s hot.
“Open up whore, you know what to do”
I part my lips, I love cock sucking and my instinct takes over. My tongue snakes around the head and shaft. I moan and hum on his dick. Now it’s his turn to moan and gasp, but he has all the freedom in the world to do so.
“Ahhh…yes, now suck it up bitch”
You don’t have to ask me twice. I begin to devour his hot meat, slurping and sucking as he shoves his stiffness down my throat. As his cockhead hits the soft palette of the back of my throat I lose focus for a second and gag. He pulls all the way out of me and while holding his dick above my face says “I thought you knew how to give head bitch, you gagged! Don’t you like my cock? Don’t you want to eat it?”
Stunned, but still wanting to get what I want (because as we all know, it’s really the sub in control) “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. You have a handsome, tasty cock that makes my mouth water when I see it. I know how to blow you. I’ll be good, please, please let me suck you off”
He answers with “Do me right cocksucker” as he shoves his cock into my mouth, again using his knees to hold my head still. I start sucking again, this time like a hungry baby as he moans out and starts to fuck my face. He pulls out briefly, commanding me to lick his balls. I gently run my tongue across his balls.
“Oh yes, yes bitch you like those balls, suck them too”
I pull them just as gently into my mouth and let them roll across my tongue, then I let them fall out onto my chin. CJ pulls up a bit and starts slapping me across my face with his now raging hard-on, then enters my mouth one last time.
His moans have now turned to groans and he furiously fucks my face as I take him deeply down my throat, sucking and loving that cock with my mouth. I look up at him at almost the same time he groans out
“Eat this bitch”
He explodes and empties his balls down the back of my throat. I quickly and happily swallow him up, not a drop of his leaving my mouth.
What happens next surprised me even more…..


lust, sex & Love said...

wow, quite an intense blog... but sounded like you guys had a good time :)

Anonymous said...

Get to the good part where I spank you and break the hair brush...

Geoffrey Homes said...

This is such a hot blog! Consider me a regular reader now. Articulate and passionate... and inspiring!