Thursday, September 1, 2005

The Philosophy

my philosophyI feel it's time to express my philosophy behind my attitudes toward my sexuality.
I hope you enjoy it with me.
First, and foremost I love being a woman. At the same time be aware that like most people on the planet I am average looking, and like a lot of women in this country I am, shall we say, Reubenesque.
I feel power as a female. It is probably one of the reasons behind my choice to be Wicca. I am part of the goddess. I consider myself a healer, intuitive to earth and mother nature.
I bloom as a female in bed. I am confident, I share my love freely with my body, and when I've had sex when love wasn't a factor in it I am sure to be enjoying myself and the man walked away just as happy.
Secondly, and just as important to being a woman is being a child. I am very much in touch with my inner child. So you may wonder how this would apply to a sexual relationship. Bed is how adults play. My bed is my sandbox, my playground, my stage. It's fun, it feels good, sometimes there toys, sometimes fantasy, sometimes costumes. Think back to when you were eight or nine years old -- sound familiar? I trust my playmate, another child like attitude that is needed in a healthy bed.
I truly believe that these things have not only kept me feeling young, but actually looking younger.
Maybe I shouldn't be so dependent on sex to feel feminine. Believe me it isn't the only thing there is, there are a range of things, it's just what's appropriate for this blog.
So yes, I'm glad to be a woman.
I enjoy my curves, my feminist attitude, my lingerie, and giving it all to my man.

Thanks to:
Sex Art by Mister
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Brewhaha said...

Hey Debbie, I like your philosophy,
you've got a great attitude and you are confident! You have what a lot of women NEED. These things really are part of the key to happiness.

bedroomdancer said...

Hey Debbie, thanks for commenting on my site. I like that you sound like a confident woman, in control of your sexuality.

marriedwithsex said...

Sounds a lot like me :) While not a practicing Wiccan, I do believe in a lot of the tenents, especially the 3 fold rule. Look forward to continued reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new reader to your blog - so yes, I started at the back and I'm working my way forward. Confident women are sexy. I'm enjoying your blog. I'll comment me!