Monday, September 5, 2005

Tension Release, That's All

I have put off doing any posting recently because it just didn't seem like the thing to do in the wake of all that's going on in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Just a reminder, if you want to help, don't forget about giving in any way you can. Here is a list of charities that are helping.
Getting back to my post.
As my lover has reminded me, life goes on and my blog should go on.

I woke up last night around 2:30am, wide awake, with a certain 'tension'.
I knew that if I got off that was all I needed to get back to sleep.
Funny, but I have known my lover, my soulmate, for 26 years and I have never gotten him up saying:
Honey, please....I need that nice cock....NOW !!
I just can't do it. It has always seem so selfish, so greedy. Plus how can you expect someone to just be 'on-call' for you like that?
Sometimes I am very self-conscious about my, how would I put it? - appetite
So I came downstairs to my trusty computer instead.
I had a chance to begin to explore all the great sex blogs out there and will adding more in my links as soon as I have a chance to delve deeper into them.
Eventually I looked at the clock at it was almost 5:00am. I figured I had to get to bed (to sleep) soon.
I started playing one of my favorite porn clips I have saved on my computer: The Loadman Cometh. It's about 18 minutes long, but I didn't that much time to be gently squeezing and tugging on my bare nipples, oh I love that feeling. Finally ending up rubbing my clit. All in all it probably took me no longer than 2 minutes to cum.
The waves of tension release and calm came over me along with those waves of orgasm driving down my pussy.
Once back in bed, my muscles were relaxed, I could feel my blood pulsing through me, I curled up next to my lover and bam! I was asleep within 15 minutes.
Hey boys and girls, whatever works....right?

Finally speaking of my lover. I'm thinking about having him do a guest entry whenever he feels the need. Of course, I will still have editorial
Let me know what you think of this idea. I'm all for it and he seems to be too.


bedroomdancer said...

Hey Debbie, I was telling hubby about your art from the last entry. Who's the artist?

You're a good writer and I've really enjoyed you blog. Keep it cuming. (couldn't resist)

Anonymous said...

As always, thanks for the kind words...they do keep me going.
As for the artist, the site is called Sex Art by Mister and there is a link and the bottom of the entry (Philosophy) to his site.

Geoffrey Homes said...

As a male who's discovered several great - by virtue of thier honesty -blogs by women recently (yours included), I heartily encourage your hubby to make cameo entries on this blog. Many of us guys don't abide by the 'typical guy' cliches we're born into.

As for satiating your appetite in the middle of the night, it's reassuring to know that it's not just the cliche sex-starved husbands who do this. Does "the loadman cometh" feature the types of scenes you mention in your previous post? Good pornography is so hard to find these days.

Great blog -- keep it up, and thanks for doing so.

marriedwithsex said...

Great post and blog. I love finding new blogs through the twisted grapevine that links take you to. I love the picture from the post. Thanks

lust, sex & Love said...

hey dirty debbie, always a good read !! thx !!

one question though: how do you put the links on the side of your page "blogs i read" ?? We would like to have links on ours too... to your site and others... leave a comment on our site and let us know... if you can!!! THX

Anonymous said...

Hey took me a while to get to your comment. when I went to your site I see that I am added to your blog I guess you got the code, and I thank you for the link.
I'm hoping to provide the code to copy and paste for anyone who wants to on my page soon.
I think it's so great all these terrific blogs I find out there!

Anonymous said...

Tension. I guess there's been some of that as of late, but not about the sort of things most people have tension about - you know: money, religion, work, politics - the usual.

No, our tension (and Dirty Debbies's frustration) come from my perfomance, or lack there-of.

Don't get me wrong, I love sex. Raw, uninhibited, wall pounding, Debbie screaming, world shattering orgasmic sex... it's a good thing.
But what I love more is how we make LOVE.
The touching.

The actual grunting? That's just the icing on the cake.

Deb isn't just good, she's great.
Me? Too much past issues and drug use I guess...
Oh well, there's always the Little Blue Pill.
Hope I don't go blind, but if 35 years of wanking it off haven't done me in, I guess I can take a chance just to keep us both happy and health. ;)

Anonymous said...

Very kind words 'anonymous'. need to hide in the corners of the comments section. Remember I mentioned guest entries...we just have to get you a good handle.
As for my frustion, non existent, you should know that.
The tension, is just everyday life, as you say.
The love making is bring out the best in me...yes there is a difference, see my entry entitle Hot Monkey Sex vs. Lovemaking.
You are the best in bed I've ever had and the finest partner in life I can ever hope to find in the Universe.
right now I am very much enjoying your encouragment in doing this blog and all the ideas I have for it.
So stop with the useless shit already!
I'll tickle you to death when I get home !

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

Hi Debbie, it is so -- to use the words of Mr.Homes-- satiating to see the encouragement you get from your hubbie; I am sure he must be royally chuffed:-)

Just chanced upon your site by way of wants and needs, and gotta say: I like it!! Your blog that is...

You're a good writer, and will heartily encourage you to continue to post some very erotic entries.

Each to his own, but I would seriously encourage you to check out Laura tooth, who cuts a very fine divide between high intellect and very satisying erotic literature...

Way to go, Debbie!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Emmanuel for the kind words, and I enjoy reading you too.
I have briefly scanned one of your sites and Laura's Tooth and I'm enjoying them both. I will have to put them on my 'too read' list in my bookmarks so I can get into them more deeply.
Thank you too for your engouragement. I wish I could write every day, but not being a true artist, I can't pull from that creative area all the time. At least I'll try to keep it interesting.