Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Gamble - Getting Acquainted

Nothing much fazes me these days.
I smiled and just said: "Do you want to watch John fuck me tonight Rosemary?"

"That's my hope" she answered nonchalantly.

Then she felt the need to explain her little kink to me. All the time I was thinking 'hey, I like kink, kink is good'. Apparently she doesn't have any interest in a true threesome, she isn't bi-curious, she just likes to watch what her husband can do to another woman. There were a couple rules, what went on between the two of us was up to her and John, if she asked for something, she was to be obeyed. Second, her only involvement other than that was to watch and jerk herself off. This was all new to me, making it even more exciting, so I waited to hear what was next.
John was instructed to lie on the bed, still dressed. He was wearing a nice pair of jeans with a sport jacket, a casual button down shirt, and sneakers.
Rosemary stripped down to her bra and panties immediately. She pulled a wireless butterfly clit tickler out of the drawer next to the bed then lay down on the other bed, facing us. I was still standing by the bed. Rosemary instructed me to strip for her husband. This wasn't difficult with the champagne in me and the mellow jazz playing. I was wearing a black skirt, a v-necked button down white blouse, black sandals, black pantyhose, a black half slip and a matching white lace bra and panty set. I kicked off my shoes first then slowly and sensually unbuttoned my blouse, once it was done I left it open as my hips swayed and I unzipped my skirt slowly. Of course this caused it to fall off me. Next I let my blouse fall down off my shoulders and down to the floor. Both of my new friends seemed to be enjoying the show, anticipating different things. By now I could see the bulge forming in John's jeans. I continued dancing and stroking myself. My slip was the next article I took off. Next were my pantyhose. I could tell John liked that and that my dark bush was showing through my white lace panties, his cock seemed to be doing it's best to tear through his pants.

"Very good Debbie", Rosemary said from the other bed. She had taken off her bra and panties now, reveling her round breasts and hard nipples, and was stroking and petting her pussy. She was a good looking woman with a nice body.

"I can tell you've done this before, so just keep going" she told me.

Now John was rubbing his cock through his jeans. I unhooked my bra and let my tits fall out. Finally I remove my panties reveling my trimmed dark bush.
"Oh yes she's nice, don't you think so John?" Rosemary questioned.

"That she is dear" John answered.

"So do you want to fuck her?"

"I'll fuck her real good for you Rosemary"

That seemed to be all she needed to hear. She strapped on her butterfly and got comfortable. She was still facing us, on her side, slowly squeezing her tits.
John was the only one still dressed. I was just standing by the bed now stripped and very ready for some action. This was all new to me. Then John did something that is such a turn on for me, I've hardly told anyone about it. I can't figure out why either.
He stood up, still dressed (except by now he had kicked off his shoes) and unzipped his fly (got to love that sound) and let his cock jump out to present itself to me, finally! He gingerly pulled his balls into sight too....yummy. There is something about a guy, still dressed, with a stiff dick pointing out of his pants at me that makes my pussy tingle. This was no exception. Rosemary's eyes were virtually glued to it.

"Come on John, touch her, get going" Rosemary encouraged, having no idea about my little favorite turn on.

He pulled me close, pressing his cock between my thighs, moved his hands up my sides until he found my tits, and started kissing me. It was exciting on a couple of levels. This was a new man. The kisses were different, the caressing was new, the whole situation of the wife watching was new, the feel of his clothes against my naked body was exciting. He began kissing and biting my neck then in a half whisper (loud enough for Rosemary to hear) said:
"Suck my balls"
I smiled, dutifully dropped to my knees, and heard the hum of Rosemary's clit tickler start up....