Sunday, February 18, 2007

Away From Home With My Boy Toy

My boy toy was first described here: Cyber Boy Toy

One thing that made this hour long encounter different was that I was completely alone and not at home. What made things even nastier is that I was in the living room of my mother’s house. Everyone had left for some ‘retail therapy’; it’s something I rarely get into, so I stayed at home.
My mom has a PC and dial up, but I was online on my iBook with a wireless connection that I had found using a nifty little utility called iStumbler.

My Yahoo messenger lit up with the presence of my young partner and he stopped in to say ‘hey babe’.
I returned the greeting and let him know that I was 90 miles from my usual spot, in my mom’s empty home.

I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was sitting at his computer naked and hard in an empty house, sort of like me. I knew that could lead to many possibilities and he agreed. He thought I was a party popper for being dressed. I assured him that I was no less in the mood for a party just because I had some clothes on.

I made the first move by asking what my young man needed on such a lovely afternoon.
First he wanted some more pics of me, some that weren’t up on the site yet.
He had a choice and I asked him what his pleasure was: pussy, cocksucking, fucking, it was his choice.
Being a typical hormone laden young man, he wanted one of each. So, I searched my hard drive for a few minutes and sent some along, as requested, one of each. He enjoyed them all, especially the one of me giving CJ head. Then he asked about the pussy shot. It was the one of me wearing my clit clamp. I explained it was a little piece of jewelry that added a little extra stimulation.
He thought it was ‘nice’, and I started to visualize that I was wearing it at that very moment, just for him, and told him so.

He wanted to tug at it with his teeth, pulling it off me. I wanted him to; I wanted him to be forcing my legs apart to do it, forcing me to open up my pussy to him.
It was getting me very hot, and I let him know it:
“I’m putting my hand down my pants just thinking of you playing with me, taking advantage of me”
Then came the ubiquitous question in cybersex:
“What are you wearing?”
I described my unzipped blue jeans and red button down blouse to him. He asked me nicely to unbutton my blouse.
As I unbuttoned I pictured him watching me, doing it slowly, teasing him, knowing that he wanted to see my tits. I coyly asked if he wanted to see my nipples and a resounding, “YES!!!” came onto the screen along with the desire to suck them.
I described my breasts to him, telling that my nipples were hard for him and I was pulling my tits up and over my bra. I didn’t want to take the time to unhook my bra. It makes my tits more at attention for him and my nipples harder.
He immediately started sucking and I immediately started moaning. Tweaking my own tits as I thought of watching him and hearing the slurping sounds of his suckling. I pulled him closer to my warm skin.

He seemed to get a lot more turned on very fast and exclaimed:
“Get my dick in your mouth!”
I’m such a slut for cock that when this request is made I can never refuse it and at that moment, I was on my knees lapping at his cockhead.
He moaned out as I continued and told him how great he smelled and tasted.
I ask him if it’s all right to eat more of his cock.
Again I got a resounding answer: “EAT IT ALL!, all the way to my balls Deb”
I slammed my face on his cock and sucked hard. I tell him to watch me as I hit his balls. My tongue comes out to slurp at his balls while his cockhead is firmly pressed against the back of my throat.
I wanted him to tell me I was a whore.
He moaned loudly how good the sucking was. Then told me to suck him off like a dirty whore. I kept at it.
I told him exactly what I looked like as I was on my knees worshipping his dick.
Slurping and sucking on his meat. My massive heavy tits swaying as I enjoyed my favorite meal. I described the feel of my tongue flicking against his hot hard meat.
This caused another big moan from cyber partner as he exclaimed:
“You’re going to make me blow a load here”
I told him how much I was enjoying sucking his dick and I was picturing how handsome it was now.
He went on to describe his now very hard cock, and assured me that he was handsome.
I started twisting his cock around in my mouth as I looked up at him for approval.
He could see my mouth full of his cock and said that’s just the way it should be.
Next I let him know how wet my pussy was.
I told him to tickle my clit with his free hand and to go ahead and shoot his load down my throat. I wanted him to watch me swallow him like a champ. I wanted to guzzle his hot cum.
He was ready to blow so I tugged at his balls and told him to drain them into my face.
The only way I can describe how hard he came is to directly quote what he wrote:
“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SHIT YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

To say the least he shot me hard. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed it on his cock as I swallowed what seemed to be gallons of his hot jizz.
He pulled on my hair and kept fucking my face as he finished off.
Finally he fell out of my mouth, spent. As soon as I could talk I told him what a slut I was for his dick, but he already knew that.
He apologized for not pounding my cunt, but I had driven him nuts with my mouth.
I told him that it was all right because I prefer for him to stuff my pussy when I had my pants down and my vibrator with me.
He assured me that he would do that at another time and make me cum over and over again. I told him I had no doubt of that my shaved pussy would buck against him next time.

We made some plans for what the next time would include. He asked if I was into strap-ons. Truthfully I have been curious, but have never tried it in real life.
I was willing to try it in cyberspace first and he said it sounded like a plan. I reminded him that here in cybersex we could make anything happen and make it good.

We said our good byes and I ended by telling him that I would probably get myself off later.
Once I signed off I did take care of myself in a very nasty way. The front door to the house was open, I still had my tits out over my bra, and so without shutting the door I played with my tits and rubbed my swollen aching pussy until I came.
Not only was I thinking about my little encounter with my boy toy, but about someone stumbling along and finding me in ‘dire straights’.

Ah, it keeps you young doesn’t it?


EvilDodger said...

I'll be your boy toy baby, you can ride me all day and all night!! WhoHoooo!

SM said...

I love that fantasy! You describe it so well and leave this man wanting more!

The Fury said...

Mmm that was a great way to end a night on the computer. I need a new chick toy.

NaughtyBoy said...

Cyber sex...I know it all to well offlate and it's insanely good with the right lady! ;)