Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Being A Team Player At Work

Although all this writing about my real life has been fun, there have been stories piling up on my iBook waiting to be told. So now back to some fiction.
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I must admit that after I saw that circle on the calendar clearly marked with ‘fantasy party’ I was eagerly anticipating the weekend.
Michael had mentioned the possibility of these at my interview, but never went into detail about them.
I tried to find out in advance from my boss what the weekend would entail, but he wouldn’t tell me anything more than the basics.
“Actually Debbie it was an idea that you yourself had suggested to me”.
We had discussed my fantasies both at the interview and since, but I have a very active imagination and he could be referring to any of a number of fantasies. It really didn’t narrow things down for me.
He instructed me to have my bags packed by early Saturday morning, dress casually, and I would be escorted with some of his friends to the party.
The morning came and I waited downstairs ready to see what the next step would be. I didn’t even know where I was going.
A shiny new black Lexus SUV drove up the long driveway, it was for me.
Michael said good-bye, gave me a peck on the cheek, and assured me that he would see me before the weekend concluded.

I climbed into the SUV. There were two other women in the car. We introduced ourselves. I learned that the other two women, Mary and Kim, had already been to a couple of Michael’s parties. They told me how perfectly set-up they always were and how exciting they got.
“Everyone always leaves satisfied”, Mary said to me with a knowing smile.
These women were friendly and I felt at ease with them in a short time.
I asked where exactly it was that we were going. They weren’t sure either.
They told me that they have gotten used to having the driver take them to the party.
At the risk of sounding horribly na├»ve I said, “It’s my first time at one of these things.”
Mary and Kim reassured me that it would be fun and there was nothing to worry about. It made me feel better. I felt as though I was going through this blind and it made me feel foolish.

After about half an hour they opened a cooler of single serve wine bottles.
I went for the Chardonnay and started on a nice warm wine buzz.
We laughed, talked, and drank for another hour before reaching our destination.
It was beautiful, a remote, rustic cabin in the mountains. Maybe rustic isn’t quite the right word. It looked like an old fashioned cabin from the outside, but it was built by Michael. It was larger than most and once I stepped inside I realized that it had all the amenities that I would expect in the house I usually work in.
There was a full kitchen, a dining area, a large den with a fireplace and area rug, a hot tub, and three bedrooms with smaller fireplaces.

There was a note in Michael’s handwriting on the dining room table.
Ladies: Please make yourself comfortable. There are snacks in 'fridge and the bar is fully stocked. Debbie, just follow Mary and Kim, they’re vets when it comes to my parties. See you soon, Michael

We decided to take’s Michael advice and get comfortable. We took our bags to the bigger bedroom and put on silky lounge pants and tops.
Next we moved to the kitchen and unwrapped some of the appetizers in the 'fridge.
Mary seemed to be the natural bartender and whipped us up Margaritas and Cosmos.
We built a fire in the large stone fireplace because it was getting cold outside.
Soon, the cabin was toasty warm with a raging fire in the fireplace.

We started getting a bit drink and talking about what we liked about our men.
The women had lots of questions for me because of my unique job with Michael.
To get more comfortable we arranged large pillows on the rug in front of the fireplace, in anticipation of what would happen on those pillows later.

It was getting so warm between the fire and the alcohol, that Kim suggested that we take off some clothes to be more comfortable. Kim and Mary stripped down to their bra and panties and relaxed on the pillows.
I figured I would join them and did the same. We kept talking about our men and what they did for us in bed and it was getting us aroused. As I looked around at our little group, I noticed our panties were getting damp.

The more we drank, the more free we felt. Mary approached me and said,
“I hear that you are a hot woman that really enjoys sex. Do you like sex with women as well?
I was sort of shocked at first, but I was feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.
“I never had a woman but I’ve been curious”, I replied easily.
Then both Kim and Mary moved to sit next to me and began kissing me. I rubbed my tits over the top of my cami. Our tongues mingle and it added to that warm, fuzzy feeling.
“You know girls, my tits and nipples are very sensitive”, I blurted out.
Mary and Kim then moved to take off my bra and panties.
I was already wet from the attention I was getting from my new friends. The beautiful aroma of excited women filled the air.
Finally, Kim and Mary shed their remaining clothes so they would be naked also.
Both women were now sucking and licking my nipples and to say the least, my arousal was growing. My nipples were hard and were getting longer with each tug of another girls teeth.
Next things got fun; Mary and Kim took turns sitting on top of me, making sure that we joined at our wet clits. They each rode me, grinding their clits against mine, each of us moaning at the same time, as our clits met and were being stimulated. When one girl was on top of me, the other would work the nipples of whoever was riding me, slapping them, sucking them, tugging, biting, anything to be able to play with a tit, while fingering herself.
With all this pussy play it wasn’t too long until we all starting cumming. They were powerful orgasms and we lay exhausted on the fireside pillows.

About that time three men came through the door, lead by Michael. We yelled out.
“We weren’t sure when to expect you”, I said.
All Michael said was “We’re hunters, we got lost as the sun went down.”
Kim replied with, “You must be cold and hungry”.
They replied in unison with a resounding, “Yes”
I caught on quickly as to what was going on. So I played along with them.
“I don’t know girls we were having a fine time before they came along, I don’t know if we should let them in”, I said.
I started to cover myself up and the other women followed my cue.
It was then that the men moved towards us. They started to kiss and fondle us.
We were all purring and I moaned, “mmmmm, I guess they can stay”.
“We could heat them up even better than the fire, huh girls”, I giggled, the alcohol still raging through my system.
They agreed without pause.

We all fell onto the pillows and then into the arms of the closest mate. I didn’t end up with Michael, but I could see him watching me as his friend knelt in front of me and slammed his cock into my slippery aching hole.
I did the same as he pushed Mary’s legs apart and dove his tongue into her shaved cunt, making her scream in ecstasy immediately.
Kim was paired up with another of Michael’s friends, they had fallen into a side-by-side sixty-nine and I could see her fucking his hard cock with her mouth. She was wild as he fed her his thick dick and lapped at her pussy.
Eventually we all ended up in a circle, the women on their hands and knees facing each other. The men were behind us, fucking us like dogs in heat. Every so often moving on to the pussy next to them, so we each go a good feel of all three dicks. I also enjoyed watching my new friends tits sway as they were pounded from behind, not to mention those looks of pained pleasure as they came, and came again, as did I.

After we all came, we collapsed on the comfy pillows. The fire was dwindling by now and needed to be fed.
That was just the beginning of a very enjoyable weekend. Everyone was exhausted by the evening of the next day.
I had been through a baptism of fire in regards to Michael’s fantasy parties.
We packed up and left, saying our pleasant goodbyes.
As I was driving home with Michael, he asked me about having sex with another woman.
“So how do like pussy Debbie?”, he queried
“I like it very much, it was exciting, but I still prefer a strong hard man”, I answered as I moved closer to him.
I started to wonder about what the next party will be like; it made me damp just thinking about it.
It was then that Michael moved my hand to his crotch. I rubbed at his hardening cock.
“Go ahead Deb, jerk me off while I drive”
I unzipped his jeans and realized that it was back to work with just one man, my boss.


ArtfulDodger said...

I'm going to have to institute these fantasy parties at my job! Although, now that I think about it, maybe only among a select few of us. That's the great thing about fantasy, everyone can be good-looking!

Happy Valentine's Day you guys!

Midwestern City Boy said...

We need employees like the three women where I work. Even if nothing happend to us "ordinary" guys, we could still dream. I'd like to be either one of the guys in the picture.