Thursday, February 15, 2007

HNT #27 - Deb's Rack

No, we are not making a political statement here.
Being users of Apple's computers we often think of things that start with 'i'.
For example iPod or iBook.
We noticed that iRack was in the news a lot so I thought I would highlight here in my blog.
To repeat the slogan of my youth: "Make love not war"


Bad Bad Girl said...

Tough chick.... I like it

Kitty's Tiger said...

nice gun rack. Really nice. thank for the photo.

Dee's Husband Joe said...

What a shame that the cleverness of this post is going to be almost totally lost on me because I'm so busy studying that picture of Deb. What a great idea! What a great shot!


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice pic. Nothing is better than guns and boobs. Thanks and HHNT.

SM said...

HHNT! Great post! I love this blog!

Don said...

So is there room on your rack for my weapon? (Insert Dirty Old Man laugh here.)

Very nice rack, BTW. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Joe..not sure how 'clever' this post was, but I'm glad you enjoyed. FYI: within hours this gun was gone, CJ went to a gun show and sold it. long as boobs are involved I think anything looks good, guns included.

sm...glad you like the blog, I hope you keep enjoying. you can probably tell there's plenty of room on my rack for your 'weapon'

Miss NFS said...

love this - very "punny"