Sunday, February 4, 2007

What A Blast !

What a Blast was a title I finally settled on, but this story could have many: The First Role-play, A Date With My Husband, etc.

I have had role-play experiences, but it has always been at home and the bedroom. Last night was a complex played out set of circumstances over the course of about four hours.

Last week an idea just popped into my head. I thought about having a date with my husband. I presented the idea to CJ and he was all for it. We would meet at a bar of his choosing, and we would act as strangers, and see what evolved.
I had never done anything like this before, but I was looking forward to it all week.
I went as far as to advertising on asking for a date with the perfect man on Friday night. I got an email from CJ telling me to meet him at 7:30pm at a very nice bar in a hotel downtown. It added to the suspense because I had never been there before.

I was able to change, get my make-up on, and do my hair and our daughter’s apartment. She only knew that her father and I were meeting up for dinner, and like me, she is a hopeless romantic. She did my hair and nails and helped me pick out outfits.

I left a little early because I wanted to get there before CJ. I was hoping to be flirting with another man when he came in, but the bar was fairly empty when I got there. The only male I got a chance to speak to was the young bartender. I sat down, ordered a Cosmo and waited with butterflies in my stomach.
He finally got there, a little late, asked if he could sit next to me, I indifferently said “fine”, and the game began.
We fell instantly into the cat and mouse game played at every bar on a Friday night. We supported each other’s role-playing perfectly. I actually felt nervous, got a bit drunk faster because of it, and started making slight sexual innuendo, as did he. We talked about work, but had taken on different professions. The liquor, his gin, and my vodka helped embolden us, and he got up the nerve to ask if I wanted to join him for dinner at the restaurant downstairs. I was pensive at first, but accepted. We had a wonderful dinner, but I was actually too nervous to finish mine.
When the waitress asked us if we wanted dessert or coffee, we both declined.
CJ asked “are you sure, not even coffee?”
I answered with “I can get some at home”
It started a conversation about gourmet coffee, which we both enjoy. Then he did something very bold, he asked me to come home with him for coffee. I couldn’t answer him at first. I was still feeling the effects of the drinks I had at the bar.
Then I said, “I took a risk by coming out tonight, so why not”
They boxed up my leftovers, we traded information on where our cars were parked and he told me to follow him to his place.
I offered to pay half the bill, but he wouldn’t accept my money, so he paid and walked me to the garage and my car.

I followed his car, and it was then that I realized I had fallen completely into this.
He was driving fast up the expressway and I was actually was thinking to my self, ‘doesn’t he know I’m trying to follow him, what if I lose him?’
I was driving to my own home, but it didn’t feel like it!
Eventually I was a stranger in my home. It seemed as though the cat didn’t even know who I was.

CJ made a fresh pot of coffee and told me about his ‘bachelor pad’.
He put a bit of a kick into my coffee by adding some Bailey’s Irish Cream.
Our talk continued, but it got a bit more racy and I could feel my face changing to give the expressions of fuck me. I had been turned on, off and on, throughout the evening, it was always different things from the way CJ smelled when he sat down next to me, to when we would both enjoy the same joke.

After having the coffee, CJ mentioned to me that he had a spare room and I was welcome to stay the night. Then floodgates opened, by then I was still feeling the character I was playing, and I wouldn’t feel “myself” again for another 2 hours.
It was two simple lines. After he mentioned the spare room CJ said, “I’ll send Penny [the cat] in to sleep with you”
I smiled at him and said
“So it’s up to Penny who I sleep with tonight?”
There was only a short amount of small talk after that.
Out of the clear blue, he dropped his voice an octave and said, “Take of your blouse off”.

It’s been 24 hours and it still is in my mind constantly, part two to follow as soon as I can relive it all and commit pixel to screen.


Miswestern City Boy said...

This is fabulous!

I can't wait to read part two.

Anonymous said...

Such fun! I've heard of people doing this but your description really made it sound like something worth trying!

ArtfulDodger said...

I love this idea! Can't wait to have someone to try it with, so far Lady L and I have been all dating! :)

Anonymous said...

That was incredible. More please.

CJ said...

Part Deux (WITH SOUND!!!) cumming soon.

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Dark Pixie said...

how fun and erotic