Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Cross Post #1

I've finally started my work as a full-fledged Fellatrix at The Fellatrices.
My posting will be there every Sunday. I will cross post a section of it here on the following Monday. I urge you to both enjoy my full story on that site and enjoy the stories of my fellow Fellatrices.

Next I moved onto the last comfort of Friday, my car. She's new and she's hot. I recently bought a Sangria Red 2008 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe. I jumped into my sporty bucket seat, pulled out of parking garage, and began the 25 mile course home. I was so ready for this, I got near to soaking my panties as I turned up the music after I heard it was Nine Inch Nails little love song, Closer playing.
I couldn't help think of CJ on the way home. Just the thought of his smiling face, with that cute dimple of his waiting for me, made me more anxious to get home. My mind wandered even more as I kept up with the beat of the music and shifted gears. I thought of the smell of CJ, his smooth skin, and his little cute ass. I think I sighed aloud as I let my mind indulge in the mere thought of my lover waiting for me at home.

Now read all of Honey I'm Home.

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