Thursday, May 15, 2008

It’s Time to Open Again (Toy Drawer #4)

Yes, it’s been a while since my feature the ‘The Toy Drawer’. In fact, the last post on that was on June 11 2006. If you are a newer reader below are links to my previous Toy Drawer. This doesn’t include the movie of me in the sidebar with my waterproof rabbit.
1. The Tickler
2. The Cupless Bra
3. Petals For My Clit

I now want to present one of my newer and most favorite toys, my Pocket Rockets, present and future. The present one first. It’s a real workhorse. It’s white, as with most pocket rockets it has only one speed and one tip. My newest one from Babeland is purple, waterproof, has one speed (although I believe it’s less intense than the other), but it has four interchangeable tips, not to mention a cute lavender pouch for it. I keep an extra battery in there.
As many of you know I very much enjoy the indulgence of cybersex. It’s safe, gives you a chance to ‘try’ things you might not usually do in a bedroom and CJ is cool with it, not considering it cheating. In addition, it gives me inspiration for my writing. It just wouldn’t be the same without my pocket rocket. I prefer it to any other vibe I have including my rabbit. Moreover, I think it’s the easiest vibrating toy to use in bed.

As CJ knows, when my clit is played with just right she swells, hides coyly, and helps me explode in a grand orgasm. It may be hard to believe, but that little love nib is a bundle of 8000 nerve fibers, that’s more than twice as much as the head of the penis does. So, when I don’t have a tongue around (her preferred form of stimulation) my pocket rocket is a good replacement.

When I cyber I just tilt it to the side of my engorged clit, turn it on, and let it hum. Letting my swollen lips in on the fun too. This leaves my hands free to type or tug on my nipples. If I’m not careful I’ll cum too fast. Yes there is a ‘too fast’. I like the aching feeling of my turned on wet cunt to last for a while, it makes for a more intense and often multiple orgasms….yummy!
I am looking forward to playing with the new one. It has different tips from smooth to just a few bumps to very textured. It all depends on your mood, and isn’t that part of a woman’s prerogative?

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Ginormous Boobs said...

I love these pocket rockets too. I keep one in my purse at all times.