Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sex News Sunday #3

This week's news can be filed under the 'ignorance is bliss' category.
I'll always think that sex is fun and love-making fulfilling, but like most things that take a certain maturity to enjoy, you need clear and subjective information.
Thanks to the current administration's policies this hasn't been the case for American teenagers.

According to new findings in The Journal for Adolescent Health teenagers are not having oral sex to remain 'technical virgins'. In fact oral sex started after having vaginal sex in 82% of the cases.
My point here has nothing to do with morals or ethics, it has to do with the health of our teenagers. According to the Center for Disease Control more than 1 in 4 teenage females have a sexually transmitted disease. Our administration is not keeping our children safe from disease because of it's puritanical belief system.

If you are close to or a family member of a teenager, please help them not only know when the time is right to make love to a partner, but how to stay healthy in the process.

Read more about the new research on the health and sexual practices of our teenagers here.

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