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Secret Sins: Chapter 5 "Justice"

Be sure to read Secret Sins chapter(s) 1, 2, 3 (part 1),(part 2) and 4

So after Ben had informed me that he had a pretty good idea what kind of girl I was like in bed and out, I decided to take him up on his offer of working for the 'company's' program, and found myself garnering a pretty decent second income since I started out pretty low on the totem pole. Those of you reading who understand such things may ask why I didn't start at say, xxxx, must also understand that my talents are very specialized and since the position was classified, my handlers wanted as few questions asked as possible. Not bad work if you enjoy it, and I most certainly did!

After the tedious hiring and security processes one must go through in order to gain entry to the highest echelons of government were complete, I began to have access to numerous high level contacts that would get me into deep doo doo if I were to mention any names, so I won't. Let me just say that I became aware of the semi-secret hidden tunnels between many government buildings, most very deep underground and with security that would make Mulder and Scully wince.
Oh yes, I sucked a lot of cock: big cock, small cock, misshapen cock, long short and everything in between. Famous and infamous, the spooge ran down my throat like liquor down a wino and I began to get a reputation around high-level circles in DC as a girl that could keep her mouth shut except when giving head.
You'd be surprised how much stress there is to be relieved in our nation's capital on a weekly basis, and to say that I gulped gallons of goo during the 80's would be an understatement.
But I digress. The story is about my adventures in the 'company' now isn't it?

My first assignment came about a week after I had undergone some training in Virginia - how to properly identify myself, what to say and more importantly what not to say.
The early days of my indoctrination introduced me to some pretty sleazy characters, some of which were in clients because they had testified at mob or drug trials, and who were now located in the sticks of America under assumed names. They let you keep your first name for obvious reasons, unless of course it's odd, and then they located you somewhere that the name is common. So for example, if your name was Sammy Gravano then you became Sam Deletori and someone like Max Mermelstein becomes Max Blomstein or some such name.
Then of course I was able to travel to such lovely locations as Otisville, Ny, Sandstone, Mn., Phoenix Az, Allenwood, Pa., and Fairton, Nj just to name a few. See, this is where the company has built high security facilities for special risk people, people who are already in prison that they may not want out on the streets or those that need special protection that a quiet cottage up in the hills surrounded by armed men cannot afford. And these aren't just prisons per se, but more like secure condominiums where the inmates can make phone calls whenever they please, along with eating food that most people can't afford.

This is a time of my adventure that I'm not proud of since most of these men where little more than low intelligence thugs who would just as soon beat your head to a bloody pulp as look at you, but I had a job and damn it, I was taught to finish it right the first time.
Bordering on mouth rape at some occasions, I would smile sweetly then hurry out of the facility or hotel room just so I could find a bar to wash the taste of angry sex out of my mouth. These guys were terminally pissed for the most part, even when they were happy.
I remember one rainy day when I was given an address to show up at, and so made my way down a side street of a certain American town to knock upon another anonymous door to give “aid and comfort” to another anonymous prick.
Ringing the bell on the brownstone, a voice barked out “What?!” loudly from a speaker, and I gave my code phrase “Hello”, I said, “I’m Debbie from Lone Star Realty”. That was my cover in most cases if anybody asked; a realtor.
A long pause.
“It certainly is lovely weather we’re having” came the voice in return.
Remembering the daily code phrase my contact had given me earlier I replied, “It’s lovely on Kent Island this time of year”.
The door buzzer startled me at first, and then I had the presence of mind to push the door open and walk into the vestibule, where I was immediately set upon by a very large man who threw me up against the wall. Once there, he proceeded to run his hands roughly all over my body, into my bra then down my legs, stopping at the crotch to feel my pussy through the gauzy dress I had chosen to wear on this occasion. Damn! I had had some rough sex before, but this was certainly an interesting way to start things rolling.
“Hey lover, let’s take it a bit slower, eh?” I was able to gasp out.
“No offense ma’am” grunted the ogre, “just do’n my job. Yous can go true dat dah over dey.” Pointing at a door on my right, I gathered myself together the best way I knew how, and started off towards the portal located halfway down a bland hall.
Opening the door I was surprised to find myself in a room with no lights, save the one inset in a soffit, pointed at a couch that held a rather non-descript package.
“Sit down” came the gravel toned voice from the corner shadows, “and take off your clothes”.
Harrumph. Straight to the point ‘eh?
Stripping off my raincoat, I struggled awkwardly with the zipper on the back of my little black slut dress I wore as a uniform until it sleekness slid slowly down to the fuck me pumps I always showed up wearing as well.
I dunno, but sitting there in just a sleek black panty and sheer bra set sent a quick tingle down my spine until the voice spoke again. “Open the box and put it on”
Withdrawing the string from the package, I opened it up to find two objects: one strange, one familiar.
“Do you want me to play with myself using this first?” I asked as I held up the pliable and very lifelike dildo in my hand. It was one of those veiny ones, you know – the ones with the large mushroom head on it, about 7” long and 4” in diameter. It felt like it had a battery inside it, but I couldn’t see an on/off switch.
“No. I want you to put it inside you, then put on the pants.”
Ooooooh kayyyyy.
The pants in question still remained in the box, and at first glance I thought they were red leather, but upon removing them, found them to be latex instead.

“You might want to put some baby powder on first” said the voice.
Following his commands, I lubed up the dildo with my best Cherry Popper imitation, and slid it gently into my pussy. Hmmm. Feels pretty good.
After kicking off my slut pumps next came the baby powder, then the red rubber pants. They were full-length pants, and I guess the size doesn’t matter, because they’re designed to fit like a glove, which they did. Hmmmm. Kinky.
“Now get up on the sofa and feel yourself as you dance”. Soft jazz began to play from hidden speakers in the still darkened room.
Again following instructions like the good little cum slut that I am, I wobbled up on the sofa and began to dance my best shimmy in the middle of the erstwhile spotlight while feeling my breast to and fro, back and forth, paying special attention to my hardening nipples and areolas. Feeling a bead of sweat roll down the back of my neck, I moved to intercept it so I could rub it slowly around the tip of my nips to give them that special glow.
“Very nice, but I think you’ should explore further” said my director.
Having never been in rubber pants that clung to me so tightly before, his wish was my command and so I began to use the music to my advantage in order to stroke myself through the latex.
Did I mention that I was getting quite turned off by this time? No? Well I was.
Did I mention that all that dancing and gyration moved the dildo in my cunt back and forth like a train going across a rough patch of track? No? Well it did.
Faster and faster my hands traveled up and down my body, touching here, exploring there. Latex, skin, breast, swirl, turn, tuck, elbow, breast, butt, thrusting pelvis outwards then back and forth, soft smooth, oh my god I’m so turned on just thinking back to it all now. My eyes closed now as I found myself moving closer and closer to orgasm.
It was all of it – the heat, the dildo rubbing on my clit, the latex pants, the sofa in a darkened room, the mysterious stranger ordering me around like a chess pawn, the secrecy of it. It was all building towards the surface, much like the music that had morphed from a jazzy blues to a more trance-like drone. Swirling, twirling faster and faster, my hair whipping to and fro as I swung it down between my legs towards my butt.
Droning onwards and whipped into a frenzy, I didn’t realize that I had begun to moan and squeal with each passing thrust, my head and hair whipping wildly as the feeling of clitoral ecstasy swept over me.
“You can get off the couch it you’d like,” said Mr. Mystery. I complied, wanting to get a better grip on my orgasm as it were, and ended up bent over the arm of the sofa thrusting my pelvis and kegling so the dildo acted as a live snake inside me.
Unable to hold my orgasm back any more and with one mighty push and scream, I drove my groin into the armrest as hard as I could and was treated to a shuddering explosion of colors and feeling in my body and mind.
It was then that I felt it: a pulsing in the dildo. Perhaps it really did have a hidden switch to turn on the vibrator inside, but this was different.
Racing thoughts flew through my head as the dildo tingled, and suddenly I felt it swell inside me as if it were a real penis. Goo. Sticky man goo. That’s what it is! Mystery man had pressed a button on what looked like a remote control and the dildo obeyed his command as well. Damn! This guys gets everything done for him!
I wasn’t imagining it, but my orgasmic trembling began to slow as did the music. Panting from the excitement and draped over the sofa arm, it was then that I notice the feeling of what I thought was warm spunk running down the inside of my leg, obviously from MM’s toy still deep inside me.
Without noticing him, Mr. Mystery had moved over beside me to whisper in my ear. There was something vaguely familiar in this man’s voice, some accent.

“Very nice, verrrrry nice. Tell 'Scorecard' and 'Sheepskin' that 'Gladiola' gives his approval, eh? But we’ll just keep this little fun time between us. Just us.”
Just us.

Shit! I just figured out after all this time who 'Gladiola' was! It was..

(Tape ends abruptly)

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