Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Second Honeymoon

This story is long over due, but no less meaningful. This all happened during the last week of April. The story is a bit longer than my usual ones, but I wanted to tell it all at once.

Our recent trip to New Orleans was even better than a second honeymoon, it was the honeymoon we never had. We stayed at an old quaint hotel in the French quarter, the Vieux Carre to be exact.

Our activities included eating at some of the finer restaurants, sipping café au lait and eating beignets at Café du Monde, a carriage ride, siteseeing, gambling, and a trip down the Mississippi River. CJ had done most of the planning and it was perfect.

Nothing beat the experience on Rue Bourbon. If you’ve never been to Bourbon Street at night, there is no way I can totally describe it to you. If you have, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. The place doesn’t shut down until about 4:00 am. We were on the street from 10:00 pm until almost 2:30 am. It’s the music, the sex, the drinking, and the crowd. It’s like another planet and for me it was very exciting, very ‘stimulating’. I especially found it sexy when CJ told the girl outside Scores strip club that I gave the best blowjobs.
Once back at the room that evening/morning neither of us were in any condition to make love and we quickly fell asleep next to each other and I think feeler younger than we have in a long time.

The next day, while we were walking around and enjoying the city, I fell into the dirty girl I can be. I now truly believe it is something in the vibe/hum of the city. I stopped CJ as we were walking and told him if he wanted me that night he would have to buy me dinner plus $200 for 2 hours, “whatever you want, it’s a special”, I said. CJ, forever the businessman, started trying to bargain with me. I didn’t budge much. The subject wasn’t discussed again and I assumed we had a deal. After our site seeing for the day, we returned to the room and about three and a half hours until dinner. I was a bit warm and I stripped down to panties and bra and laid down on the fluffy soft duvet that covered our king sized bed. I sighed and told CJ, for what I’m sure seemed the 100th time, how wonderful everything was. Soon he was stripped to his briefs and joining me on the bed.
We held each other, smiled at each other, gave each other small exploring kisses, nuzzled, and enjoyed the feel of the other’s warm smooth skin. I began to rock and squirm, ever so slightly, under the spell of CJ’s embrace. His hand moved over top of my cotton bra. His thumb and forefinger search out and found my hardening nipples. I can always count on getting some nice tittie play from CJ and I will never tire of it.
At first I gathered myself together enough to pull back and say, “You have to buy me dinner first”.
“A man can have a little snack before dinner can’t he?”
I’m just a girl that can’t say ‘no’. I sank back into him. I kissed his neck as I returned to him. I looked downward for a moment and saw CJ slowly stroking his hardening cock. As a handsome sight for my eyes, it was even more so because of his shaved balls. CJ may be a breast man, but if there is such a thing, I’m a nuts gal, and no I don’t mean I’ve lost my mind.

“Lick my fuck stick”, he said, but I was to take my time.
I wanted to feel him first, under my hand, my fingertips bringing me the sense of his warm hardness. I soon as I grasped his cock I felt that heat. I let my fingers move up and down his prick, it was throbbing, and I could actually feel it. When I got to his plump and spongy cockhead, I squeezed it gently. I couldn’t hold back. I enjoy teasing CJ, but it is a way to tease myself at the same time. I lay on my stomach and moved my head downwards. I told CJ I needed to lick his balls first. He spread his thighs farther apart. Those nuts drew my tongue to them like a magnet. Soon my face was buried between his thighs and I was dragging my tongue across his sac. I took my time to smell his musk as his nuts rolled into my mouth. I was turned on even more and pulled the straps of my bra down as CJ helped me off with it. I sucked his cockhead in between my hungry lips and began moaning and I don’t think I stopped. As my tongue swirled around his shaft and I took more of his thick meat into my face, I began to grind my clit into the bed. I couldn’t help myself, it had been a while since I tasted CJ and I took him hungrily into my mouth. The more I sucked and slurped the harder I pushed my aching pussy into the firm mattress. As CJ grew inside my mouth I began to bob up and down on him, letting my mouth become his own fuck hole.

As his passion grew he firmly pushed me off and rolled me onto my back. One of my favorite feelings as CJ’s lover is to be on my back, exposed to him. To me it’s a way to show my love, my openness, and my self to him. His was so hard and handsome as he moved on top of me and with his impish grin, it’s as though I fall in love with him all over again when I make love with him.

I reached out to grasp his cock and get him inside of me as soon as I could, after all this was supposed to be just a snack before dinner.
He pulled my hand away, kissed me, and said, “No, don’t worry baby he knows where to go”. He teased me by running his engorged cockhead up and down my hot wet slit. I tilted my hips up towards him, moaning, wanting him. After what seemed an eternity he pushed his cock between my puffy pussy lips and slowly began to sink inside me, kissing my neck, then licking and nibbling at my nipples as he did. My vocalization, as always, was immediate and I filled that hotel room with the moans of my pleasure. His groans increased with the depth and pace of his thrusts. I rocked with him, keeping up with him as I was made to do. I pulled my legs up and grabbed my ankles. Fucking CJ with the soles of my feet facing the ceiling makes me feel so damn naughty. I could rock and fuck him so easily now, feeling as though I was getting wetter with each movement of his cock inside me.

I held on tight and came fast and hard. CJ wasn’t too far behind me. He drained his balls deep inside me. We then began our collapse into each other. My legs came back down to the bed and he slowly dropped on top of me. He pulled out of me and got on his knees next to me. Pushing his glistening cock in my face he said, “You missed a spot”.
He squeezed his cockhead so I could lap up the last drop of cum. CJ is my Maxwell House, good to the last drop.

We rested a bit more, then headed out to dinner at one of the great restaurants in the French Quarter, The Court of the Two Sisters. Needless to say, CJ and I had some much needed and much deserved quality time together, joining not only physically, but also on other levels. I’m going to remember this trip for a long time and I'm not sure that CJ will ever know how special it was to me, but I think he has an idea.


Anonymous said...

We've never been to New Orleans; but , from reading thus post, it sounds like a wonderful place to visit. I'm glad that you two had such a wonderful time.

Did you and CJ have any "fun" while you were out and about?

Anonymous said...

Hey MCB, thanks for stopping by as always. New Orleans is CJ's favorite city and he wanted to share his love for it with me. If you ever get a chance...go!
As for the "fun", you read about some of it in this story. All the fun outside of our room was clean. Although I think some things could have gotten interesting....maybe next time!

Lelo said...

Superb photos and very good blog congratulations, Happy