Friday, May 16, 2008

Secret Sins: Chapter 6 "The Master"

Being a professional cocksucker for the my company was hard at times (no pun intended), but the rewards were fulfilling as well.
I remember one occasion when I was summoned in code to a certain location to perform what I presumed was yet another lip smacking act on someone who had run afoul of the law and who was now under their protective custody, and desperately in need of blowing his nut down my throat. Sometimes I relished these dalliances, and sometimes the relish was on me. No matter, a little soap and water and a good shampoo would often take care of any sticky mess that lingered.

It was early evening when I arrived at the non-descript house, I dressed in my little black slinky number, my hair piled professionally on my head. Wonder of wonders, there was a "for sale" sign on the front lawn, I knew my cover as a real estate agent would not be blown should any neighbors be looking out their windows to see who was arriving. I could see that the lights in the house were already on through the sheer curtains, but no movement came from inside.
Knocking on the door, I had to wait for a minute for someone to answer, but was then greeted by one of my usual federal contacts and ushered into the house.
As usual, few but code words were exchanged between the agent that opened the door an myself, and I soon found myself ushered to a room in the basement that any dungeon master would be proud to call home.

Faux stone covered the walls surrounding the large area, with candles flickered on wall sconces providing a strange illumination befit of the middle ages instead of the early 1990's. An iron maiden with a hole in it's front, a rack (complete with leather bindings) stood on one wall, while a wagon wheel (with the same requisite leather bindings) graced the center of what could only be described as appearing like a medieval hall, complete with blazing fireplace.
Oh lordy - what have I gotten myself into now!

KerWHACK! came the sound, startling me from my semi-shocked state, and I whipped around to see a muscular man dressed all in leather, including the hood on his head appearing out of the darkness.
KerWHACK! went the whip as it snapped at my feet.
"Put this on please,” the Master said as he tossed me what turned out to be a leather teddy with a snap crotch. They must have known my size because it fit perfectly, hugging my body like OJ's well-worn glove and supporting my beautiful breasts in a shelf like manner.
Shrugging off any feeling of modesty, I slid out of my dress and into the teddy like a good little slave.
"OK. I've done this before" I thought, "Just put get on with it".
Standing before the fireplace in my new togs, the "Master" approached to inspect his slave, running the base of the whip he held up and down me, paying special attention to my legs, mons pubis and breast areas. "That will do nicely I think" said the Master. "Turn around please".
After complying, I heard a snap of fingers and something moving in the background. A hinge creaked, and then a lock snapped. Frankly, my pussy was tingling with excitement for what was about to happen next.

"This way please" said the Master, and turning to comply, was lead back to the Iron Maiden standing on the far wall. This time however, there was an addition - a flaccid cock protruding from the hole in the front of the antique torture device. What or who lie inside was anybodies guess.
My job clear, I knelt down in front of the Iron Maiden and began to massage the protrusion with delft fingers honed by years of practice. In no time at all, my efforts paid off and I was presented with a nice example of veiny manhood to place within my mouth. True, it was a bit strange not seeing my favorite love sack dangling beneath my phallic lust, but I sallied on, intent on my job.
Several slurps later, I was treated to a blast of hot jizz down my throat, whereupon the "Master" chuckled then roared with laughter as he said, "Oh jeez Chuck, that was fast. I think you should stay in there a while and watch the rest".
"Watch the rest"? What did that mean?
"Get up bitch!" came the command from the shrouded dungeon master, "Come over here" he said, motioning me to the rack. My momentary hesitation was met with a kerWHACK of the whip on the ground next to me, and yelping ever so slightly as I felt the air break around my feet, complied.
Jesus! This guy was really into the power trip.
Placing the whip on a nearby table, the "Master" buckled me into the table; cinching the straps down a little more hard than I thought was necessary. Reaching down at the base of the table, he began to wind a mechanism hidden to me, but whose nature was soon revealed. What began to happen was that the table's legs began to stretch apart at the base, an along with it, my legs. Soon, I was spread eagle upon that wooden device, completely at the mercy of what or who was to come.

A snap of fingers once again brought a response that I most certainly did not expect. Into the room filed six men, all in long robes with hoods covering their heads. Marching up single file to the rack, they soon surrounded me.
Another snap of the fingers, and they tossed off their robes, however, expecting to see faces was denied as they were all wearing a gauzy type of mask over their heads. Damn.
Naked under their robes, I could tell that the group of men were of differing ages due in part to the paunch on some, the six pack abs on others. What set them apart were their cocks. Most were of normal size, with one being larger than the rest, but there was something there that I could not get a focus on; something indistinct but very similar. What was it, I thought.
Surrounding me now, the men were directed to different parts of me: one to the head, one to each side, one around back of the table and one directly in front of me. Wild eyed, I wondered what was going on, when a snap of the Master's fingers made everyone step a foot or two closer to me, and it dawn on me what I should do.
Grabbing a cock in each hand and lifting my head, I slurped the third into my mouth, doing my best to concentrate on giving each one the attention they deserved. Slow on the left hand, harder on the right. One's going soft so let's switch it up, all the while gobbling the knob in front of me with reckless abandonment.

Hands groped my body and breasts at this point, rubbing them for all they were worth, and I must say that the feeling of so many different touches turned me on even more that all the cock's presented before me. Without warning, I felt a hand at my now super wet crotch unsnap the leather teddy and flipping it up, began to massage my clit and snatch with abandon.
Imagine this scene would you?
Me in a dark cellar reminiscent of a mediaeval torture chamber, semi-naked on a rack with 5 men in masks surrounding me. Surreal!
Naked man number five was in front of me now, his fingers slipping in and out of my sopping cunt, my now swollen clit in overdrive as its nub grew larger and larger. Slick trails of pussy juice rolled out of me and down to my butt as I lay there, Mr. Number 5 stroking his now engorged member as he stroked me. "Nice mushroom head on that cock" I thought. As that thought struck me, Mr. Number 5 came closer and stepping between the spread table, brought his swollen member closer to my cunt. It was then that I noticed that his cock was actually tattooed. THAT'S what I had seen on the other men's cocks, a tattoo!

Usually, I don't go into penetration at my "meetings", but what could I do.
Without noticing it, Mr. Number Five had slipped on a condom and again approached me, his cock bobbing up and down like a doll on a dashboard.

Trying hard to concentrate on my other business, I couldn't help but wish Mr. Number 5 would fuck me, and fuck me hard with that lovely mushroom head, and if as if to know my thoughts, he did just. Sliding his cock into my pussy ever so slowly as to get my cunt ready for his size, he was thoughtful enough to know that a woman can't just take a huge cock in her slam bam. Slowly he entered me, and bliss followed. My nipples stiffened, and for a second, I thought of nothing else except that glorious meat in my cunt.
Pumping harder now, I could tell that Mr. Number Fiver was enjoying my tight, shaved puss just as much as the guy in my mouth was enjoying my tongue rolling around is knob.
And then I realized where Mr. Number Six was.
Oh shit! I was going to get it in all the holes at the same time.
I don't think I can adequately describe how it feels to have a cock in each hand, one in your mouth and one in both your pussy and butt at the same time, but I'll try: FABULOUS!
Pumping pushing sweating jerking pulling pussy juice flowing everywhere, I was coming like I had never come before.
Then I head another snap of the fingers and just about 3 seconds later, each and every one of these mystery men all came at the same time.
Talk about discipline, I mean really!
Me, I was filled and covered with sticky man goo so fast and so hard that I frankly didn't know what hit me. The sperm was flowing off my hands, on my tits, out my pussy and butt even before I knew what hit me.
Another snap of the fingers and each man withdrew several steps, leaving me there covered and vulnerable.
The next snap was that of the flash of a high powered strobe light.
Ah yes, a "trophy".

My head was swimming at this point, and then I began to hear them singing in unison a song that was familiar, but in a language I didn't recognize. Was it Latin? I wasn't sure.
Then at the end of the song the horribly déjà vue of a memory soon overcame me when they shouted in unison at the top of their lungs 'My honor is my loyalty' before filing out of the room.
Cum dripping from every hole, the Master left me for whoever was still inside the iron maiden.
Unsnapping the lock, the Master let "Chuck" out of the device, and with a shove, threw him to his knees. "You see that? That's discipline!" the Master said as he pointed to me. "They all did their jobs WHEN they were told to, holding back until ORDERED to climax!" he roared at the skinny young man at his feet.
"You're not worthy to be with us, but you CAN redeem yourself if you so desire. Do you so desire?"
"Yes sir" came the weak reply.
"Then get over there and clean the Goddess up". (Hmmm. Goddess eh?)
"With what?"
"Your tongue stupid!" said the Master.
Obeying each and every command, "Chuck" proceeded to lick me clean: from the drying cum between my lips, to the dribbles of cunt juice between my other lips.
Never had THAT done to me before.

Chuck was dismissed when he finished, then the Master came back over to loosen my bonds.
"Thank you Debbie, that was very brave of you" said the Master. "There's a shower and bathroom right over there if you'd like to clean up. Please take your time".
Stripped free of my bonds, I wobbled to my feet, my butt and pussy throbbing and aching, but in a good way. "Thanks, I think I will."
"I do apologize for tonight. Our regular dominatrix was unavailable for our initiation proceeding, and we thought it best to keep you 'in the dark' as it were" he said, "I hope you didn't mind."
"Not at all, it was interesting", I said. "VERY interesting".
"You are of course bound by your oath not to say anything about what went on here tonight, so I know I can count on you to remain silent" said the Master as he took off his vest.
I hadn't noticed him until now, and I had wondered why the Master kept to the background while all the fucking and sucking was going on around him.
That's when he took off his mask so I could see him. The face was familiar, but only vaguely so. Where did I know him from?
"It's Paul. Paul Stephens. Well, really, it's Paul Stansfield. They made me change my name when we started this little bureau inside the bureau as it were.

After all this time...


marriedct said...

Very hot story!!!! How much of this story is from experience?

CJ said...

On advice from council, I can neither confirm nor deny what may or may not be truth or fiction in these stories.

As I have stated previously, all good writing contains truth - it is up to the reader to decide.