Sunday, April 6, 2008

Secret Sins: The Undisclosed Story of my Bad Reputation

Throughout my life I've been and done many things, but nothing as weird and kinky as being an on-call slut for the FBI in WITSEC.Now let's clarify something here: I didn't get it on with every field agent or assistant director, no, I was on call just in case one of their people in the witness protection program or perhaps a snitch, wanted a little relief and comfort.There, I said it, and frankly it feels good to get it out in the open after all these years.
How I became a highly paid confidential "companion" was all by accident or so I thought for quite some time. I was just a normal working girl - get your mind out of the gutter, not THAT kind of working girl - who went to college and was spending time slaving away in the normal workaday world as a secretary, with designs on a masters program at one of the local colleges when one evening I accepted an invitation from some of my coworkers to go to one of their favorite hangouts for a drink or two. Wanting to fit in with my newish colleagues, I readily accepted the invitation.

Sitting at the pub chatting with my fellow office droids was at first exciting as I wanted to fit in with them just a little bit better, but soon I learned that they were just another part of the large percentage of 'droids out here in the business world that are fed up, frustrated, and angry with the direction that their lives have taken, with not a scintilla of ambition to change the situation other than to stab each other in the back as they attempt to kiss the boss's ass on the way up the corporate ladder.

Finding such dreck virtually unappealing, I had just turned around on my stool at the bar when the bartender approached me with a drink in his hand. "This is from the guy at the end of the bar" he intoned in a rather bland I've-heard-this-a-thousand-times-before voice as he set the cocktail in front of me.
I'm sure the quizzical look on my face was priceless as I glanced at the other end of the room, but sure enough, there was your standard young executive giving me a short wave of hello.
"Hmm. Not bad looking I guess, and I like his suit although he sure didn't spend a lot of money on it" I thought. Waving back with a little grin on my face, my next thought was one of excitement that a guy had found me attractive enough to buy me a drink, but then turned a little downward as I winced while thinking of some of the tools that I had met in meat market ventures of the past. Too late, he had left his stool and was heading for me.
I was genuinely freaked but in a kinky sort of way, I wanted to know more - much more.

My mind now racing at a hundred miles a second, I quickly turned back to my coworkers and began chatting with my friend Dawn when Mr. Mystery Man sidled up to me and sat down. "Hi there" he said to me, obviously not caring that I was engaged in
conversation with another girl. Not wanting to be too forward, I twisted my head around and said "Just a second" to him before turning back to my conversation. Dawn leaned in towards me and whispered excitedly "I think he wants to talk to you", whereupon I whispered back "Yeah, I know, but I don't want him to think I'm too eager". "Oh go on!" chimed Dawn, and so I turned around to MMM and said, "Hi, I'm Debbie, and this is Dawn" as I extended my hand. "Thanks for the drink". "Hi there yourself. My name's Ben, and I couldn't help noticing you from across the bar".
Drivel. Poor pickup line. Bleh. Those were the first thoughts that crossed my mind. Not wanting to be impolite, after all, my parents raised me right, I swiveled back around to the bar with a flourish and that's when I noticed Ben's eyes. Deep pools of blue drilled into me like a bullet, and somewhere in my gut, a punch had been thrown. "Uh, yeah, I umm, I mean we're just, uh.." was all I could stammer out. "Yeah I know" said Ben, "Just out with the office, eh"
I heard what he said, but I just couldn't look away from those eyes. I mean, Ben's face was just OK as guys go, but those eyes got to me somehow, they were deep and intense, burning their way into me with a cold fire that I hadn't felt in some time. Pinch me. Hard!

"Soooo, you come here often,” Ben said smoothly, and I just about passed out laughing from such a juvenile come-on line.
"If that's the best you can do, then thanks for the drink and see ya" I said.
"Oh come on, I'm sorry. Give me another chance. I mean, you just looked so LONELY sitting there surrounded by your friends, I just thought that you might be up for an adventure".
That got my attention.
"What kind of adventure?" I asked.
"The kind that you could perhaps, make some money with in your spare time"
Oh God.
"Sorry Ben, I'm not that kind of girl. Maybe you should try one of the decked out bimbos at the other end of the bar".
"Sheesh, I'm sorry, I gave you the wrong impression. Look" he said holding up his hand to show me a gold band around his left fourth finger, "I'm married".
Yeah, I've heard that one before too.
"Look champ, I told you that I'm not that kind of girl, so bug off!"
"Wait a minute Ms. Cooper, what I'm offering you is a way out of boring office drudgery every so often, and the chance to make the kind of money that would allow you to finish your graduate studies” said Ben.
Now, it wasn't the suggestion that I could get away from a boring job, or even that I would be able to finish my Masters degree in record time, but the first thing he said that really caught my attention.
"How did you know my last name?" I asked.
Looking downwards with a little blush on his face, Ben answered, "I know a lot about you - A LOT" "Like for instance that your online chat handle is 'apple1959' or the fact that you prefer to wear lace La Perla underwear, or even that you go out to bars like this one with no underwear on at all"Whoa whoa whoa! Now it's getting intense, bordering on creepy. I mean, stop the presses!
"Like I said, I know a lot about you" said Ben, his eyes boring into mine.

The cat in me was curious, very curious, so I said, "Go on".
"Well, I know for a fact that you would stumble all over yourself to smoke some pipe.
You know, worshiping the big salami. To be quite blunt, I know for a fact that you love to suck cock, almost any cock. You worship at the alter of the big snake and would do almost anything to have the feel of a fat penis in your mouth, sucking the guy off until shoves it in hard and fast and cums down your throat."
His said this with such little emotion or kink in his voice that frankly I was aghast and quite a bit scare, and Ben allowed me to sit there in stunned silence for moment as the thought of what he has said sank into my brain.
Just about then, Dawn came over and asked me if I was all right. "Deb, what's wrong, you seem to be trembling. Ish this guy bother'n you 'cause if heish I can get Stan to come over and pound the shit out him!" she slurred.
"No, I'm fine Dawn. Ben just gave me something to think about all of a sudden. I'll be fine, really".
With a reassuring look that bordered on concern, Dawn said OK, and returned to my fellow workers, leaving me pondering some pretty tough thoughts in my mind.
Who was this guy who was hitting on me, why did he know so much about me? I mean, my inner thoughts and desires, and for God's sake, even what kind (if any) underwear I decided to wear that day.
I was genuinely freaked, but in a kinky sort of way, I wanted to know more, much more.

Next in Secret Sins chapter 2: My first cock

Look for it Friday...


Anonymous said...

real or no? This has got to be a story. Especially being written by CJ and not Debbie. Have you thought about color coding what is fact and what is fiction?

Anonymous said...

Hi anon

Yes, it's fiction and we do already have coding. It's described on the sidebar.
I have moved the description higher on the bar to become more prominent.

CJ said...

As with any good story, there are elements of truth ingrained within.

It is up to you dear reader, to decide for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hey CJ.
I know I'd love to hear the true part of it, written in black.
What do you think everyone?
Unless of course he'd have to kill us if he did.

CJ said...

I can neither verify or negate the veracity of any story element. said...

A lovely variation on "don't kiss and tell EVERYTHING!"