Thursday, April 3, 2008

Enough is Enough Already!

This is a wonderful post from CJ, who is my greatest fan and advocate. I must admit I did edit part of his original post here. Originally he asked for money for the story he is writing (I've seen two parts and love it so far). But, money isn't what the site is about so I changed it to CBW submissions instead, please read below for details.

OK peep holes, since there seems to be no one reading this blog or submitting nice hard cocks for my delightful Dirty Debbie to drool over, I am setting my foot down.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting a story that's been rolling around in the back of my head, but the outcome will depend entirely upon you, fair readers.
I will post on an ongoing basis, but how often will depend on how much you donate to the CBW cause.
See, we get tons of hits, but only a few comments and as of late, no hard cocks for Debbie and it's really ticking her off.

Don't let this be us:

I'm asking you to help Debbie's inspiration by saying that yes here's a picture of what your blog does to my cock, you like what we're doing and yes, please continue. In doing so, you will by default be anonymously saying, "Yes, please continue your blog".

This is how it will work:
I post, you donate a CBW if you like it and want more, faster. No one likes a story drug out unless it's good, and this one's a doozy! The finished manuscript totals over 10,000 words, and it's a bit kinky. Strike that: it's REALLY kinky!

We KNOW that there are tons of people not only in the US, but in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East that read Dirty Debbie's Little Diary on a continuing basis, so show us your stuff.

In the words of Bartles and James, we thank you for your support!


Dan said...

When I click the Donate button I get an Error Detected page that says, "Some required information is missing or incomplete. Please correct your entries and try again." What next?

Not to make you feel bad or anything, but I love the blog and haven't sent a pic because I'm impotent from diabetes. I figured she's not much interested in pathetic little floppy things. Yes, I've been through all the medical treatments, including the surgical installation of an implant, which was botched, so it had to come out. It's sad on so many levels.


CJ said...

Actually, I wasn't begging for money per se, just asking for donations towards our much need and too short vacation to New Orleans next month.
Deb wants to keep the site totally free in order to be listed on other sites, and that's OK. Hey, it's her blog, eh?

As to you Dan, Deb doesn't care if it's soft or hard, just so long as it's out there proudly.
True, she does like them sticking out of a guys pants (think about her down on her knees LOL!)

I'm also really pleased that you do get some pleasure by reading her and my posts and do hope you will continue to stop by in the future

Dan said...

Of course I'll keep reading; I'm hooked now. Deb is addictive! Thanks for the reply.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan, maybe I should do a Smile Blog Saturday? Ask for just smiles from men and women as they read my blog? It would give me the same satisfaction.
Also, you'll be pleased to know that I have gotten 2 submissions, so we can start CJ's story.

Dan said...

If a Smile Blog helps you feel satisfied, I say go for it! I'm subscribed to you in Google Reader, so I'll see all your posts, and would be more than happy to contribute a smile, or more substantive comments when appropriate. I'd love to contribute to your satisfaction!