Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sex News Sunday #1

As mentioned in my post on Tuesday the 15th 'My News' I am starting a regular item for Sundays: current events about sex.

The first bit of news involves research coming from The Kinsey Institute at the University of Indiana.
As the newswise site puts it, they have found that:
It's research about men reporting a variety of different experiences involving sexual desire and arousal.

The focus groups involved 50 men divided into three groups based on their age (18-24 years, 25-45 years and 46 and older). Below are some examples of the different experiences reported by the men:

* Some factors, such as depression or a risk of being caught having sex, were reported by some men as inhibiting sex, while other men found that they can enhance their desire and arousal.
* An erection is not the main cue for men to know they are sexually aroused. Most of the men responded that they can experience erections without feeling aroused or interested, leading researchers to suggest that erections are not good criteria for determining sexual arousal in men.
* Many men found it difficult to distinguish between sexual desire and sexual arousal, a distinction prominent in most sexual response models used by researchers and clinicians.
* The changes in the quality of older men's erections had a direct effect on their sexual encounters, including, for some, a shifting focus to the partner and her sexual enjoyment. Older men also consistently mentioned that as they aged, they became more careful and particular in choosing sexual partners.
* The sexual history of women also mattered to the men -- but differently for different age groups. Sexually experienced women were considered more threatening by younger men, who had concerns about "measuring up," but such women were considered more arousing for older men.

To read more about this subject and the research go to:
Research and Insights from Indiana University at newswise.


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Interesting post! This is a good idea for a feature. I look forward to visiting again.

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