Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Toy Drawer - #3

This is one of my favorite toys; I use it as a sort of clit tickler.
It’s an attachment that is put on my vibrator. The vibrator has three different levels of pulsing strength. Since my clit gets very sensitive, I don’t usually use it past the middle setting.

The ‘petals’ move against my clit and inner lips and it’s just plain delicious.
This is the toy I use the most often after I shave my pussy. Since just the act of shaving turns me on, especially because fifty percent off the time CJ helps out, it gets a good workout from me.


Desire X said...

Nice review, ahem. HER will be pleased.


drc said...

It looks very arousing!! It did wonders for me! LOL

Dee's Husband said...

Oh gosh! Move that thing out of the way so it doesn't tickle my tongue. What a beautiful view! I've only been awake for a few minutes and what a sweet sight to gaze upon while my eyes focus.


Richard said...

You take such good care of your clit. It sure is tasty looking.