Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dream #1 - The Brothel

I haven’t written about a dream before, but that is only because the opportunity has never arisen.
I had the strangest dream involving sex early this morning. It hit me so much that I pulled my notebook and pen from my night table (any writer should have one there) and feverishly began writing the images that I had just experienced so I could share it with my readers.
Remember if this seems weird, it’s a dream, dreams are weird by nature. Also, I just started a new medication for high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat: Toprol XL. One of the side effects according to the print out they gave me at the pharmacy is ‘unusual dreams’. Maybe this is an example of my medication affecting my nightly visions.

CJ and I were in Nevada. Each of is had two boxes of records that needed to be appraised somehow.
Next thing I knew we were on a bus. I knew that we were headed home, but I wasn’t sure where that was other than the fact that we were headed East.
I noticed that there were several pairs of my everyday black suede ankle boots along with the records in my box.
We got of the bus and started walking. We passed a strip mall that had a brothel in it.
CJ asked if I was interested in checking the place out, I said ‘not really’.
He got annoyed with me and told me that I never wanted to do anything that he was interested in.
We walked by the brothel and there was a group of young ladies outside. They were slim, tanned, naked and playing with themselves. There were long white cords to each vibrator being used. They were enjoying themselves, but nobody seemed to be cumming.
CJ asked me if I wanted to know why he, or any other man for that matter, enjoyed women paying attention to them like that. I answered that I didn’t particularly want to know, but he told me anyway.
I can’t remember what the answer was, only that it was complicated.

Eventually we ended in the brothel, boxes still in tow.
The place reminded me of an old spa with a bar. There were narrow hallways, furniture that seemed to be at least 30 years old, things like doors etc, in need of repair or at least some maintenance.
We put our boxes down on a table in the entrance hall. CJ disappeared to the right side, where the women were. I went to the left where I entered a prepping area. I got into a white terry towel. The people who were prepping me were women. First, I was shampooed in two areas: my head, and my pussy lips, even though I was shaved it was as though they cleaned and massaged with warm soapy water. These actions weren’t a turn for me at all, nothing sensual involved.
Then I was feed strange looking snacks. They looked like spun sugar, were bright in colors, and were geometric in form. Some tasted like candy, others tasted like chips, nothing was too sugary, it was actually more salty.
Soon after trying these snack I realized that I had been drugged with them. Not overly so, but I felt slightly groggy, a heavy feeling.

The prep girls asked me if it was all right to show me off to the bar patrons. I didn’t have a problem with that. They opened an old wooden door that looked as though it had been painted white at least times over. I could see a square bar in the middle of the room, it was smoky and lit with a dull yellow light. I layed on my side, naked, just posing. The few patrons at the bar looked over and seemed to be slightly impressed. The door was closed and it was finally time to choose which package/combo of services I wanted. I chose the wrong one at first, a heavy duty SM one. Then I picked a ‘homey/comfy’ one. I was lead down a narrow hall. On my way to the room I matter-of-factly asked if the drug they gave was going to make me forget my experience. I didn’t want forgot anything. I was assured that it wasn’t that type of medication.

Finally, I was lead into a room with a bed and a showerhead coming out of the wall next to it. I was instructed to stand facing the shower, legs spread, and arms out against the wall. This apparently was a real turn on for the guy I was to have. The girls stood behind me. I started rocking and rotating my hips. I was told that as was almost as good as some off the whores already employed there. I took this a compliment.

The girls backed off to a little foyer between the door and the bed, there were men there too now. My guy showed up, he was handsome, tall, and dark, he had wavy hair and a mustache. Right away I could tell weren’t right. He seemed drunk or exhausted. He didn’t get hard, he couldn’t do anything. He tried to come up behind me to play with my tits, missed, and tweaked my stomach instead. I caressed him and there was no reaction. He took a long blue string and held it up by his neck, he told me to pass it by his balls to his ass, this was apparently going to help somehow, but nothing changed. I complained to the managers and the people in the foyer. They became outraged and placed him on a meat hook that was running along the ceiling of the hallway. I looked down the hallway to the room at the end and he was in leather and studs, ass bare, being bent over. I didn’t get a replacement. No services were rendered.

I left, went upstairs, and met up with CJ. By then I was dressed again. He didn’t tell me about his experience when it came to the actual act, but I found out that he got the same type of cleansing, food along with drugging), show off to the bar patrons, and the compliment that involved being as good as any of the workers there.
We got our boxes, left, and started walking again. At first we talked about the fact that we didn’t pay, we weren’t even asked to pay.
Suddenly I was alone, driving my mom’s car down the highway. Another car pulled up next to me, CJ was in that one with my mom.
After a little while I knew that we were headed home and where that was because we were on Maryland state route 3.

The End.

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