Monday, June 5, 2006

Naughty Schoolgirl Part II:Fireman, Soldier, or Indian Chief?

Be sure to enjoy Part I before moving on.

The drive wasn’t long, but it was to a part of town that I was unfamiliar with, so I took my time to make sure that the directions I had Googled were correct.
Pulling into the parking lot that Jim had described, I began to wonder about what I was doing as the neighborhood appeared really old and decrepit. Was this a trap?
I almost turned around and went back for my car when I found the building, a rat hole of a place that had definitely seen better days. I think it had once been an old department store that had gone out of business many years ago that had been turned into an apartment or condo complex years ago in the attempted re
gentrification of the neighborhood.

Catching my breath, I opened the door to a lobby that had seen better days and went inside. Jangling my keys nervously around my index finger, I looked around only to see a sleepy old desk attendant looking me over with his eyes when he asked me in a deep, gruff voice that only years of smoking can produce “Looking for someone?”
“Uh, yes.” I stammered. “Jim Hunter?”
The old man flicked his fingers to the left towards a beat up elevator door and growled “801” before returning to the sports section of the paper that he had been reading.

“Sheesh!” I thought. “What have I gotten myself into?”
Sliding the elevator door closed behind me and punching the button for the eighth floor, I decided to get my pepper spray out just in case my date turned out to be a dud, or worse. A girl can
’t be too careful these days, now can she?

The elevator creaked to a halt at the eighth floor, and I started down a hall lit by bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling. “Wow! This is a real crap factory!” I thought as I paused before a door marked 801.
Drawing a deep breath and adjusting myself for a final time, I had one split second of last hesitation before I knocked.
The man whom I had been having so many sexy conversations via the net opened the door, and I was shocked to see a tall stranger dressed not only in the garb of a Catholic priest, but wearing a mask as well. “Come in, Debbie,” a voice smoothly answered from behind the black veil that hid his features.
I was surprised to feel my feet moving forward into his foyer all on their own, but not as surprised as when I entered his living room.
To say that the apartment was tastefully decorated would be a grave understatement, in fact, it was absolutely gorgeous and totally unlike the building or neighborhood that surrounded it.

A leather sofa and chair dominated the room with their presence, and being one who enjoys the
finer things in life even if I can’t afford them, I knew in an instant that these weren’t the quality of furniture that you find at the Room Store, but plush, well manufactured furnishings that had obviously set Jim (if that was his real name) back a pretty penny.
The floor was solid maple and finished to a high gloss, and in the middle of the room laid an antique Persian rug that was at least 100 years old.
The other accoutrements were a strangely tasteful mix of antiques both old and post-modern, and on the wall hung a print of LeRoy Neiman’s “Casino” that stunningly complemented everything else.

“Wow!” I gushed, “This is great! And I really like that Neiman print on the wall.” I stammered.
“That’s not a print my dear.” Said Jim with a voice satin smooth that melted me when I heard it slip from beneath his mask.
“I work hard, and I enjoy indulging myself in the finer things in life when I have the chance, and that was one piece of art that I just couldn’t pass on when it came up for auction several years ago. It set me back quite a few dollars, but I’m sure you’ll agree it was worth it as it completes the room just so.”
“Now” he said, “you’ve been a very naughty girl in school today, and your teacher told me that you were caught looking at a man’s penis while you were supposed to be working at your assignment. You WILL have to be punished!”

Grabbing me by my arm, Jim brought me over to the sofa where he sat down and yanked me across his knee. The rush of it all – the anticipation, the costume, the drive, the neighborhood, and now the fabulous apartment – was more than I could bear, so I just whimpered acquiescence and lay over his knee, knowing from experience what was coming next.

“We can’t allow you young girls to be looking at such trash now can we, and you must be taught a lesson!” he said while pulling my short skirt up to present my panty clad ass to him. I had thoughtfully remembered to wear those standard old white cotton “granny panties” that they used to make us wear in school, and now was quivering with excitement as Jim slowly rubbed his hand across my butt.
“Bad girl Bad girl! Bad girl!” Jim cried as he slapped my ass over and over with each protestation from his mouth.
Oh my god was I turned on!

With each spanking, Jim’s priest cassock he was wearing began to open ever so slightly, and I was amazed to see between the creases a massive uncut cock that grew larger with each slap. Finally he stopped, the tingling of my butt and the sound of the slaps still ringing in my ears.
“So, little Debbie, you want to see a man’s penis, do you? Is that what you want?”
My head still hung over Jim’s legs; I nodded ever so slowly, almost hesitantly.
“Get on your knees, girl, and pray!!!” barked Jim as he shoved me downwards into a devotional genuflecting position.
What choice did I have but to comply?
Kneeling there in prayerful stance, I looked up to see Jim holding his cock in his hands, its head now protruding from the little turtleneck that had been hiding it before.
“Worship it!” Priest Jim now commanded, and I had no alternative but to comply.

Slowly I took that member into my mouth with a small amount of hesitation, and wistfully held it there in my mouth.
“No no no! SUCK on it girl. Suck on it like you would a lollypop or an ice cream treat.” he said.
Coming back to my senses, I began to suck on it as instructed. Soon, his hands grabbed the hair on my head that I had put up in pigtails, and “Priest Jim” began thrusting that powerfully veined cock in and out of my mouth. The more he thrusted, the more I sucked, licking his cockhead with my tongue at random times.
“Good! Good!” intoned Priest Jim. With one more mighty thrust, he drove his cock as far into my mouth as it would go before moaning, “I absolve you of your sins, now take communion!” As he said this, he shot a massive load of jizz that tasted like the sweetest cream all the way down the back of my throat.
Frankly, I don’t think I’ve ever been so honey in all my life as I was at that moment.
What came next was another surprise that still has me woozy.

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Wow! You've got me stiff and waiting for part three!!!!

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Please finish!!!!! I can't hold out much longer.