Monday, June 19, 2006

Welcome Home

You all saw my brief lament of not having CJ home for several days at a time for the past several weeks; along with the many acts of jerking off that went along with it.
After all the celebration on June 18th, we finally had a proper ‘welcome home’ session.
CJ has been doing a lot of manual labor while he’s been gone and was just beat when he got back on Friday night.

Late last night we were on the couch together when all those little things started up. I enjoy him so much that there is a certain satisfaction in feeling his skin or smelling his scent. I just nuzzled his neck and planted little kisses, for no other reason than we had a wonderful day together. It was very warm here last night and the central air was having a tough time keeping up with it, so all I was wearing was a pair of panties, a black bra, and a black ribbed tank top. Cj was looking his usual Floridian self in shorts and a printed polo shirt. Soon after my little demonstrations of affection started his hands had found my tits (not difficult) and began rubbing my hardening nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Every so often he yanked and tweaked them causing a moan to escape from me each time he did it. He lifted up my tank top half way and pulled my tits up and over each bra cup, making wonderful exposed mounds for him to play with. He soon was suckling me, but this was no baby, this was a man, a real man, the way I like it-the feel of a mustache on the tender flesh of my tits, the feel of his warm, wet tongue across the apex of my hard nipples, the exquisite feel of his teeth biting them. My legs spread so easily when he does this to me. The next sensation I felt was his fingers slipping under my panties, spreading my swollen pussy lips, and deftly circling my engorged clit. My moans quickened and once his fingers slipped inside me, I began to shudder and fuck his fingers.

I looked at CJ and he was smiling, enjoying my pleasure. Eventually he sat back up on the couch, unzipped his shorts and out that fucking handsome cock of his. He was stiff and twitching. I let him know how handsome he really was. As he leaned back I got on my knees and ran my tongue across his smooth, freshly shaved balls. I nuzzled the base of his cock and his balls the same way I did his neck and for the same reasons: the feel of his skin, to smell his scent and to adore him. My licks then ran up the underside of his shaft, pushing it against my open palm. I savored his head for only a short time and then quickly swallowed him down so his cockhead was hitting the back of my throat. I knew this wasn’t going to be a real long blowjob. As good as he tasted and as wonderful as he felt in my mouth I needed him inside me. I took off my top and bra and throatily told him that I needed to sit on that hard cock of his. Soon I was climbing on board. My tits were hitting his face as I grabbed the back of the couch and started my pleasure ride. Oh baby it was good! It was so damn fucking good!
I went fast, slow, up, down, forward and back fucking that cock every which way I could.

The cover on our couch/futon is new and I must say, very nice. I had already cum hard once and was very wet. I didn’t want to mess it up so we moved off the couch and to the room next to living room, the guest room and got on the bed. CJ took me over there. He drove his hardness deep inside me. As my pussy hugged him, I could feel heat and hardness at the same time it was fantastic. I came again all over his cock and drenched his balls with my juices. His pace quickened, as did his moans, I love to hear him when he feels good inside me. He absolutely exploded in me. When we eventually separated I was soaked not only inside, but the inside of my things were wet.

We were warm, our skin was damp, and we were satisfied. We made our way upstairs to our own bed, both of us having just enjoyed a true welcome home.


Desire X said...

This is so beautiful.
Lucky girl you are to be able to share all of your feelings here with him. To get to express how much he means to you, not only in the words you speak, but also in the words you write for him.

Truly wonderful.


single gal said...


now you got my juices flowing.

welcum home CJ.