Monday, June 5, 2006

The Naughty Schoolgirl

It had been a shitty week and I was beginning to really hate my boss.
Have you ever had one of those weeks? Silly question I suppose, as everyone at sometime hates what their boss asks of them at work, but this week was particularity stressful for me as my boss was being more of a bastard than ever before.
Do this, do that, go here, go there, blah blah blah blah that went on and on for what seemed an eternity. Lucky for me that I was able to keep my sanity at work by chatting online with a stud that I stumbled across while perusing one of my favorite porn blogs.
“Jim” kept me amused when I was feeling down, and his constant sexual innuendo with me while I was at work was not only exciting for the obvious reasons, but because I never knew when my supervisor or boss would pop into my “cube” to toss me yet another impossible task.

Jim and I had never met of course, as he was just a chat friend, but it intrigued me one day when he mentioned that he lived in a community rather near to where I live. As we chatted last week, he let me know that he had a kinky fantasy about schoolgirls, and wished that he could bring it to fruition. Well, strike that: actually he had a kink about a lover wearing a standard catholic schoolgirl type uniform, not a liaison with an underage nymphet.

Actually, I had always wanted to play “dress up” fantasies out, with my own desire running to the usual – men in uniform or leather such as a soldier, cop, or fireman rushing in to “save me” from something, then seeing me lying there naked, bound and gagged or in some other peril, having a tent pole rise from his pants and needing something to do about the embarrassing situation after seeing my titties pointing up in the air. Rescuing me from my issue, then allowing me to thank him by sucking him off until he exploded his hot cum alllll the way down my throat.
“Hmmm”, I wondered, “I could really get into some stress relief after this crappy week. I wonder what it would be like to…” My boss screaming out about yet another office “fire”, and of course, I was the only one who could put it out for him, cut me off in mid fantasy. Fuck.
I decided then and there that Jim and I would meet, no matter what, and I began to work out a little scheme in my head about just how it would occur.So work was piling up at my job, and the boss was on my case two, three, for times a day or more.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really hate my boss, he’s just doing his job and is being pressured himself from his bosses above. Actually, I had looked at him sideways a couple of times in the past, but wrote him off sexually because he seemed kind of boring. I mean, just one look at his office told you he was a no-nonsense kind of guy, probably with a boring sex life and wouldn’t have a perverted thought in his head.

And so there was Jim to keep my mind sane as I sloughed through the drudgery of my day.
On and off we would chat, him at work as well but able to keep me horny enough to finally suggest that we meet some day.
He surprised me on Thursday by typing “How about Friday night after we both get off?” and frankly, my pussy just about ached when I thought about how a great power fuck would release the stress of my workweek.
Chatting back, I finally relented and asked him for his address, telling him that I would be there about 8 pm after we both had a chance to decompress after work.

Decompress. That word in the past had meant a shower and a stiff drink after coming home, then sitting down to a microwave meal to watch Jeopardy to relax my mind, but now it began to take on a whole new meaning as I began to put my kinky little plan into action.

Having gone to Catholic school from grades 1 through 12, I had always been puzzled but fully aware of the effect that our little uniforms had on older men, and since I had kept my shape in the intervening years, kept that plaid skirt, blouse, and crested jacket that still fit pretty well around my womanly curves.

Friday. It finally came and so I said to myself, would I.
It was a typical Friday at the end of the month with forms, spreadsheets, billing and the like stressing me out to the max.
Jim and I chatted but two times during the day as his schedule were as hectic as mine, but I could tell by his innuendo that he was looking forward to this evening just as much as I was.
I haven’t mentioned it before this, but Jim had secretly sent me a web cam picture of his stiff cock one day while I was still at work, telling his boss that he was using his office conference equipment to show off our product to a potential buyer.
Showing off his “product” indeed was more like it! Oh, that stiff well-veined cock looked mighty good to me as I snuck looks at it in between jobs, wishing that I could pop that mushroom head into my mouth and run my tongue over it as it swelled in anticipation of explosion.

Cock clock, cock clock, cock clock. I couldn’t keep my mind on my work as the hours ticked painfully away.
Slowly that damned taskmaster of time crept towards 5:00, and when it hit that magic number the boss, myself, and everyone else was out of there in a shot, grateful to be done with what I and my co-workers had termed “the week from hell”, and looking forward to a cock instead of a clock.

Arriving home, I surveyed the outfit that I had laid out earlier that morning in anticipation of my first fantasy interlude with a complete stranger that had captured my desire, running my fingers across the smoothness of the well pressed blouse and the nubbins of the class tie that lay beside it.
Undressing hurriedly, I hopped into the shower and scrubbed myself extra well, attending especially to those little areas where I hoped a rough touch would be exploring within an hour or two.
Powder and perfume applied, I slipped into my old uniform for the first time since high school, a smile of wonder appearing on my face as I began to understand the fascination that it held for the opposite sex.

I decided to dump the contents of my purse in an old school book bag that I used to carry every day, and grabbing my keys, headed out the door to my rendezvous with a feeling of nervousness and anticipation tingling over my body.

“What would Jim think about this?” I wondered to myself as I slid behind the driver’s seat of my car.

Next – Fireman, Soldier, or Indian Chief?


ArkayToday said...

Great post Debbie. I don't know what it is about the Schoolgirl that drives me nuts, but whatever it is I thank God for it.

Looking forward to the follow-up.

sybrelf said...

Superb post, I am anxiously awaiting the next installment.

Anonymous said...

arkaytoday...thanks for compliments,but please not at the bottom...this is one of CJ's posts.
Not to worry...sybrelf, he has written Part the next installment will be soon.

drc said...

And, and!!!!!! sorry I was getting into this one!!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE!!!!! Finish the story. I don't know if I can wait?


Dee's Husband said...

Oh my, Deb, but you built that whole account up beautifully! Can't wait to read about the actual meeting!

Catholic school for 12 years, huh? Same here!


stretch td said...

Very hot. Looking forward to hearing more.

Lucky Jim.

CJ said...

Not to fret folks, part duex is coming tonight..
It's a three part story and we have CBW to deal with first, heh heh heh.

TRUST ME, you'll love the end!