Thursday, June 22, 2006

HNT #16 - All Naked

When I post for HNT, the picture has to have that special something, has to be a new idea.
I didn't like anything I currently had, I didn't have a new idea, and I didn't have my fellow photographer here to be my muse, so instead I decided to post an all naked pic for this Thursday.
Below is a picture that I think CJ should have on his desk at work.
Maybe it could titled something like 'Presenting My Wife'.


Anonymous said...

I would have to say i would be proud to have that on my desk at work !
Yummy !

MrManicDepressive said...

That's not a bad idea. ;)

Dee's Husband said...

What an outstanding picture of a most desirable lady! A great showing, Deb. Just marvelous! No, I don't think I'd even try to caption that shot; I'd rather let it speak to me in its own way.


drc said...

I wish I had one for my desk...(sigh)

DG said...

and an outstanding presentation it is.

Crimson said...

Wow...there's a great desk pic!

hardasabullet said...

lovely pic
and she loved that bent dick
im just absolutely straight, so that was quite a shock for her

Torn Shorts said... that's a desk picture that would keep me from getting any work done at all! Absolutely yummy Deb!

Anonymous said...

i am afraid that if i had that pic to look at all day then not much work would be accomplished as my mind would be in that beautiful pic as well.