Thursday, June 29, 2006

HNT #17 - Have A Cigar

CJ does enjoy his cigars. I don't mind them, they actual smell sort of good.
The other night I had the perfect shot as he was sitting next to me.


ArkayToday said...

I prefer the smell of pipe tobacco, but I don't know any one who smokes pipes any more. Cigars can smell good, but they can be overpowering too.

Crimson said...

Ooh, very nice!

Dee's Husband said...

Hmmmmmm. Now if you just slide that camera a little over to the right and angle in...


CJ said...

The cigars in question are called Backwoods Honey and are a natural cigar (rolled on the thighs of virgins I suspect) that are acceptable to almost everyone - I've had many comments from women especially.

The company makes several different varieties, and your retailer may not have these in stock, but please ask. Once they begin selling them and people find out how good they are, the store may have a hard time keeping them in stock.

A good online source is:

I still enjoy a good stinky Cuban once in a while, 'though..