Wednesday, June 7, 2006

CBW #23 - Our First Guest

A new type of cock this week ladies and gentleman!
I had someone send me a picture of his handsome cock along with a note asking me to post it for CBW.
How can a good cock loving girl refuse?
I know other bloggers request pics for their CBW's, but I have never done that.
Now that I've gotten an unsolicited one, I sort of like it. So if anyone out there wants to show off...believe Debbie's place is the place to do it.

So with no further ado...The email and cock I got. Thanks again for that fine example of manhood.

Love your blogs...I have a pic of myself for you for a Wed cockblog. I am 8" long and 6" around. Would love to see it posted! Thanks-


Anonymous said...

Scott sent us the same picture. We almost posted it too.

Anastasia said...

Nice pic. I did one ages ago on a Wednesday, but I didn't think of it at the time, it was a phone picture message I got and thought...'okayyyyyyyyyy', wrote about it, and realised it was Wednesday.

Desireous said...

Gorgeous! Fucking gorgeous!