Saturday, April 11, 2009

Passion - Part II

Enjoy Part One first, then come and enjoy Debbie at her best.

I released your breast from my mouth and began a trail with my tongue over your abdomen, dipping into your navel for quick taste. I knew from our on line experience how much oral turned you on. I moved my body between your legs little by little until my mouth reached the top of your beautifully natural pussy.
I paused there, closed my eyes and inhaled deeply of your wondrous scent. Gently, I put one leg on the back of the sofa and assisted the other foot to the floor, opening you up to me. Oh, you were gorgeous! You had the most beautiful and sexy pussy that I had ever seen. I opened your lips to expose your glistening womanhood. Noticing a drop of your juice was about to spill onto the sofa, I dipped my head to lap it up with my tongue. I couldn't stop there. My tongue moved as if it had a will of it's own. Making wide circles around your clitoris and along the inside of your lips, and reaching the bottom, came up the middle to gently tease your clit.

Your hands were still on the back of my head, rubbing and caressing my curly hair. Your moans were very audible, spurring me on. I sucked you into my mouth, again creating a vacuum with my mouth, and licked your clit as it swelled to rock hardness inside my mouth. My fingers moved to your opening and I easily slid one finger inside, you were so wet! I found your cervix and began lightly rubbing it with my fingertip.
Your “oohs” and moans telling me you loved what I was doing, my finger became more demanding in its assault on your cervix, flicking and rolling my finger around it. You felt so good in there. I dreamed my whole self being inside you. From the amount of moisture beginning to generate from inside you, I knew your orgasm was imminent.

I was enjoying this far too much to allow this to happen just yet, so I slowed my pace just a little. I was not successful; your orgasm came full force. You pressed my face hard against your clitoris, bucking your hips, crying, “Please don't stop... please, please don't stop!”

Your wish was my command. My finger moved in and out of you faster and faster, stroking your cervix, my mouth sucking and licking your clitoris. My own orgasm being suspended while I continued pleasuring you.
“Come on, my darling, cum for me.” I whispered.
“Feed me, my sweet Debs.”

As you reached your peak, your hips were high in the air, off the sofa and my fingers became stiff inside you. Our moans and cries mixing in harmony. As the wave of pleasure passed us both, I pulled my mouth from your clitoris, and slowly removed my finger from inside you. I lay my head on your bush, revealing in the feel of you against my cheek. You pulled me up to lie on top of you and kissed me, tasting your juices on my mouth and sucking it from my moustache. I pulled back and looked into your intense deep eyes then lay on your chest.
“You hungry, babe?” you asked smoothly, nuzzling my hair.
“Not overly, just ate,” I replied with a grin.
“I mean for real food, silly,” you laughed.
Hummm... does that mean we have to get up?” I groaned.
“Well, we could order in.” you said.

Reluctantly, I stood up and helped you to your feet. I didn't realize just how hungry I was until we placed the order. Waiting for the food to arrive, we showered. When it finally arrived, we sat in the middle of the floor... rather lounged in the middle of the floor, with the food and glasses of Chardonnay wine between us. We let our towels drop from our bodies reveling on our nakedness–lying on our sides, braced on our hands, now naked, enjoying the fare.
At first, we made small talk. Leaning over to kiss each other once in awhile. The food tasted so much better on your lips than my own. Your kiss was electrifying. The food only half finished, I rolled over on my back and looked at the ceiling. Not wanting to miss the opportunity presented, you came over to me and lay on me. You started kissing me and caressing my body with your own.
We got off the floor and put the food away. Then you took my hand and led me to the bed where we explored our bodies all over again.
What seemed to be a few minutes of intense lovemaking were actually several hours. I hadn't slept so well in a very long time. I began slowly rising out of my peaceful slumber. I opened my eyes, wondering what woke me up. Then I realized you were gone. A moment of panic burst into my head, then I heard you moving around in the bathroom. Ummm, you’re making coffee. I lay there on the bed, naked, on my stomach, listening to your movements. The activities of the night mulling around in my mind. What a night it was! I never dreamed I'd ever meet anyone as fulfilling as you were... much less falling in love with that person. My eyes were closed, with a smile on my face, when you came back to the bed.

“I see that grin,” you said laughing, “What are you thinking about?”
“Nothing, just remembering, Debs, sweetheart...” I said as I let my voice trail off.

You lay your body on top of my back, and I could feel your pubic mound on my buttocks pressing against me. I've always been a ‘morning' person. Really having the desire to have sex as soon as I woke up. I found myself very aroused at just the touch of you. You began moving against me, bracing your arms on either side of me on the bed, thrusting your pelvis into my backside. I arched my back to meet your thrusts. I got up on my knees, as did you. It was like you were making love to me from behind. You held my hips and began rocking me back and forth against you. I could tell from your moans, which you were as excited as I was. You sat back on your heels, and ran your hand along my manhood, feeling its hardness. Your fingers stroked my throbbing manhood, sending sparks of excitement throughout my body.

“More my sweet, Debs,” I said pleadingly.
“Please give me more darling.”

You mounted me and began making love to me with your warm, lubricating love nest. The feeling was fantastic. I wanted all of me inside you.
“More... please, Debs?” I cried.
“Johnny, honey, are you sure?” you asked, concern showing in your voice. “Yes... please?” I begged.

You moved back to your position and gently began gyrating your pelvis, driving me deeper inside of you. You clamped your vaginal muscles, the pressure becoming intense as you began humping me. Your weight on my pelvis began to intensify. You rotated and gently pressed, moving in and out, up and down. You increased the tempo and I slid my whole rod inside you. The immediate rush of pleasure made me cry out. My gasp made you stop.

“Are you ok?” concern evident in your voice. “You feel wonderful, please don't stop.”
You began rotating pelvis wildly as I pushed forward to drive myself far inside of you.
“You feel so good in there!” Johnny,” you cried.
“I love being inside you, darling” I said.
I thrust my cock in and out as you made love to me with your pelvis, rocking your hips back and forth with every stroke. You sensed I was close to orgasm and increased your rhythmic pace.
“I'm gonna cum, baby; fuck me; oh, please fuck me. Oh, God I'm cumming”, I screamed.
“Cum for me, Debs baby, I feel it”
“I'm cumming... oohhhhhhh Baby FUCK ME!”
”Come on, yeah... ummmm... feels good...”, you said as you fucked me deep and hard.
“I'm cumming inside of you, baby, cummin' cummin' cummin'” all the words jumbled together as wave after wave washed over me.

When my body took all it could stand, we both stopped moving. I stopped to catch my breath and feel me inside you, and you stopped to bask in the overwhelming feel of my being hard inside of you. Neither of us wanted me to withdraw, but we knew it had to be done. Slowly, I began pulling my manhood out and instinctively, your vaginal muscles once again closed in around my still throbbing penis. With a gentle tug, I was out. That moment was almost depressing. I was no longer inside you. I felt so empty. I missed you already. I would keep you in there always, if I could.
You lay down beside me and cuddled me in your arms, but both of us spent with no energy for anything. You told me you had never done anything like that before.
You kissed me and breathed a deep sigh. I whispered, “My darling Debs, I guess we are spent, having quenched each other with our passions.”
Kisses from Johnny

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