Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reform Blogger !

Below is a part of an email I received today. I'm sure that many of my fellow sex bloggers that read this blog got it also. I like the ideas presented here. Please look over those ideas at the links and make your choices. I hope that you go with 'Yes' to remove the forced warning page that is now imposed on blogs like mine.

Using Google's new Product Ideas service, I'd like to work with you and other bloggers to reform Blogger's flawed content warning interstitial. As you may know, the forced warning page placed on "objectionable" blogs has caused a great deal of frustration for many users and possibly to yourself.
More info on these issues can be found here.

I ask that you consider voting "Yes" to:
"Make Content Warning optional. Remove flagged blogs from Blogger's Listings (Next Blog, etc), instead of forcing a splash page on 'objectionable' blogs (ex: nude art blogs). The warning page causes more problems than it solves and limits expression."

Vote Here To: Reform the Content Warning

Thanks for helping out.


lustyho said...

Make it optional? It's optional now. I put mine up on purpose as mine is an adult blog, just as this one is. Who does it hurt if your have a content warning banner/marker or not? Most just click it and enter anyway, just like on porn sites. It is optional. Being I've never been flagged or had the content warning put up by Blogger for me, might make a difference in this email/vote thing you have, but it wont change anything. I know it keeps most from seeing your blog freely, like clicking on the Next Blog, as adult stuff dont show up, but there are ways to get people to your blog without using that step. Blogger is used by everyone, so I vote to have adult stuff seperate. Maybe it's just me, but I don't want my stuff read by minors, even though I know it is, no matter what step is taken to keep it from them. If kiddies want in, so be it, they were warned.

Anonymous said...

Actually it isn't optional. Either way you have to have a warning page first. For me I know it's screwing up some of the search engines and feeds I have. If you choose yourself to say there is adult content the warning sounds a bit nicer. If you have Blogger do it by flagging you if sounds worse, but I guess that's a subjective call. Either way I'd like people to see my welcome page rather than a warning page, no matter how it looks or how or why it got there.

In the end you voted the way you believed and that's all that matters. Thanks for voting and commenting.

Anonymous said...

I voted to make it optional. I'm not sure how much good it will do but it cant hurt. Its things like the warning that make me glad we have our won domain.

Anonymous said...

If you have cookies disabled (i.e., your browser set so it does not accept cookies), you cannot get past the warning page. Period.

Anonymous said...

Wow Anon...I wasn't even aware of that aspect of it. Just one more reason not to make a mandatory warning page.