Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tell Me

It was a typical Sunday afternoon. I had most of my chores done and spent the rest of the day relaxing in my own special way. CJ works on Sundays and I always enjoyed having the place to myself. There is something about being alone sometimes that gives you the opportunity to be whoever you wish to be. That comes in very handy for my writing and me.

CJ got home this particular Sunday at his usual time and I was waiting for him to ask him how his day went as he changed into more comfortable clothing. After he changed and made himself a drink he came to join me in the living room.
I started to ask him how the day went, but he interrupted me with “Tell me what you did today”

I suppose I deserved the interruption. The week before I had told CJ how bad I had been in my favorite cybersex chat room. CJ isn’t into that kind of thing as far as I can tell, but he says he understands why I like it and that he doesn’t have a problem with me whoring myself out in cyberspace.

“What do you mean”, I said ever so innocently.

He made himself comfortable on the other side of the couch than the one I was sitting on and told me not to bullshit, that I knew exactly what he meant, and he was right. He actually seemed to enjoy hearing about my little virtual trysts.
This is what I told CJ about this week: I went into my chat room and it was empty. I really wanted to get some guys off, so I waited patiently. It took about 15 or 20 minutes and one of my regulars came in, Mr. ‘C’. This guy’s specific taste included getting sucked off long enough to make his cock good and wet for my asshole. Then he would fuck my ass mercilessly as I begged to be spanked.
After telling CJ about the first encounter, he was already hard. I could see that visually sexy and satisfying bulge that men get when they start to get hard and they are still wearing pants. It’s always a turn on for me. I looked down at CJ’s crotch then back up at him and asked him if I could feel him.

“Of course baby, you always can”, he said gently.

I just pushed my hand against his hardness and rubbed my palm along the underside of his rigid dick. He softly moaned out his pleasure and asked me to tell him more. I took my hand away, rubbed it against my clit, through my pants, and continued with my tale of debauchery. I always like it when more guys and gals come into the room and watch me. Another of my regulars came in while I was doing ‘C’. He liked watching me, spanking me, and making me gag on his black cock. According to him I was his white whore and I played the part well. This time he wanted ‘C’ to fuck my ass harder to shove my mouth down his cock. ‘L’ always liked to tell me how he was stroking his thick black cock for me.

“You really don’t mind that I tell you this”, I asked CJ again.

He explained that he loved it and thought it was hot. To prove it to me he pulled his cock from his fly and stroked it, showing it off for me just the way I like it. I put my hand down my pants this time and began to finger my damp pussy.

“Keep going, don’t stop”, he said.

The room continued to fill up. I have convinced myself, right or wrong, that once some people see my screen name they come into the room. ‘L’ stepped away from me and a new guy ‘N’ moved into to first play with my tits and then move under me to fuck my aching wet pussy.

“You like all that cock don’t you Deb?” CJ said to me as he squeezed his cock.

I smiled and nodded and kept going. As I would push down on the cock in my cunt and then up on the one in my ass I thought how fantastic it felt, it just brought me closer to cumming. Eventually a young girl, ‘H’ came in the room and wanted to join the fun. We told her to join us. Since my mouth was free I ate her fine young pussy as I got it from both guys.

“Oh damn Deb, you ate pussy too?” CJ said to me.
“Yea, and I liked it, making another woman cum, the taste of the nectar”, I answered.

CJ pulled his balls out and tugged on them as I kept playing with myself.
“Do you want to see my tits or I should I just kept talking?” I asked CJ seductively.
“They’re mine, let me see ‘em”, he answered.

I took off my blouse and bra and I carried on with my wicked tale. I explained to CJ that after a while I just sort of lost track of the men and women. One guy wanted me to eat ‘H’s ass. I obey most every command while I’m in that room. I moved my tongue from exploring her pussy to tongue fucking her asshole. It wasn’t too long after that that I came, and came again.

“I know you were taking it all in hon”, CJ said as he smiled at me.
Well, those are the basics of my afternoon I told CJ and finished by showing him part of an email I received from ‘C’, the first cock of the day.
“Hello to the hottest nastiest chat room slut ever, how’s that for an opening line of an email. Anyway thank you for another mind blowing nasty cum. It was so fucking hot. Mmmmm loved you taking on all those hot cocks and that you still had time to suck the little girl’s asshole.”
Then I just loving looked at CJ, pulled off my pants, and slowly climbed on top of his stiff cock, saying only one thing, “I can do you a thousand times better babe”


Midwestern City Boy said...

I don't type well enough to really get into cybering so I'm curious if it's more of an appetizer or a main course for you.

BTW: Do you ever cyber or exchange dirty messages with CJ?

Dirty Debbie said...

Hey MCB, you bring up a lot of good questions. I always enjoy answering them.

When I decide to cyber it's 99% of the time as a main course. It also acts as fodder for my stories. Actually 'Tell Me' is partially true and part fiction, it's sort of pieced together.

As for cybering with CJ, he's never been into that. A couple of years ago when we networked our laptops I suggested it, but it just isn't his thing. And that's cool, for me it's an extension of my erotica writing.

The funny thing is that CJ likes to hear about what I do in my favorite chat room.

That's the basics, maybe you'd like to check out my labels on the side bar and click on cybersex for other stories.

As always, thanks for reading, and thanks for a good question