Monday, February 4, 2008


Currently I am having problems with my laptop. There is a known issue with Apple iBooks overheating that has affected mine. It is currently in the process of being fixed and I'm using CJ's newer MacBookPro (it's yummy!).

But, that's not what I want to talk about here now. I want to tell you about something that needing fixing over the weekend.
Below you will some of the saddest pictures you will ever see on my site

Do you know why this is sad?
It's a picture of me having slept alone, even though CJ was in the house. I won't get into it all here, things weren't as bad as I had originally thought. Still there was a lack of communication, a lack of the vibration that we share. It is becuase of how special those two things are between us that CJ has told me he will never cheat on me.
CJ spent the night in the guest room. We had sworn to never go to bed angry and I thought that we had failed at that promise.
When I wasn't kissed good-bye the next morning when he left for work I thought things had gotten really bad. I later found out that he woke up late because no alarm went off.
We finally got a chance to speak when CJ got home from work that afternoon. We understood each other again.
during the entire length of our relationship we have never had make sex. I guess we've never needed it. It's the love we make with our minds and souls that really figure out any of the arguements or misunderstandings.
He was next to me again that night.
His snoring never sounded so good.


Alfie said...

So glad it's fixed. One night sleeping in separate beds must have made you both realise what you have.

Anonymous said...

Communication. So easy to say. So hard to do. The not go to bed angry rule is a good one and so is always trying to sleep in the same bed. Letting things fester in one or both person's mind makes things worse. Glad to hear that everything is OK now.

Anonymous said...

Yep, all is OK now between CJ and I now. Isn't it amazing what 17 years of divorce will do for your relationship when you finally decide to get down to it! LOL
Now if I could just get my laptop back the world would be right again.

Anonymous said...

dirty debbie, can my partner take your photo?

Anonymous said...

Hey anon

I don't have any way to get in touch with you or hear more about your idea. You may want to email through my email on my profile page.