Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Winter Storm

This week, as most people living along the I-95 corridor know, we had a big Winter Storm. It started the night before and continued through the next day. March definitely came in like a lion here. March’s lion wasn’t the only I was experiencing that day. I got a phone call from my boss at 5:45 in the morning to let me know that work was closed and to take a “snow day”. I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep for a few more hours. CJ got the same type of call, so we got to spend the day together. Something we enjoy, especially during the week, and experience it only once a week at best. With CJ and I many times it’s the seemingly little things that add to our intimacy. The morning began with each of us having a hot breakfast together, rather than cold cereal, separately. We watched the snow continue through the morning, sipping on hot coffee, and having the conversations that I delight in.

We lit the fireplace and settled in for the day. As I sat in my chair doing my cross-stitch, watching the movie we had chosen for the day, CJ moved behind me and kissed me on the back of the neck. I softly giggled and went back to what I was doing. CJ didn’t stop there though, his soft little kisses continued. I put down the project I was working on, leaned back and enjoyed the warm feeling. His kisses now turning into nips and bites. His lips are always warm and wet. He advanced to my cheek, and then came around to smile at me at kiss my mouth. I returned not only his smile, but every motion, and picked up on every signal.

As often times in the past, our foreplay seems to start wherever we are. This time was no different. We were entwined, kissing, and gently fell to the Oriental rug between the bedroom and the living room. The warmth from CJ’s body was a nice addition to the fireplace. My hands slipped under his pajamas giving me a chance to massage his bare skin and brush against his now hardening cock. CJ easily peeled off my clothing. It seemed to me that once he had done that, rather than taking his time exploring my body, he went straight to my tits, and stayed there. Of course he knows I like that, but it’s only a part of our foreplay. He squeezed my breasts, one in each hand as he bit my nipples, one at time, and pulled on them with his teeth.
“Come to the bedroom babe. I have an idea”, he said in a way that was very alluring to me.
When we got to the bedroom he opened my “toy drawer”. After rummaging around he found what he wanted, my nipple jewelry (for a picture of this toy in use see: A Night With Mr. W.) Since this is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, CJ knew how to put it on me quickly. Still only rubbing the other parts of my body, he changed his form and lightly lapped at my nipples now. My sighs turned to moans, especially when he stopped and pulled off the bottoms of those PJ’s. No matter how good of a writer I become, I will never find words to describe how handsome his cock is when it’s at attention for me.

He whispered in my ear “I have something even better planned”.
I had no idea what he meant.
He continued teasing me, with words this time, “I know that you like it a bit kinky sometimes”, he said as he smiled and dove onto my tits again.
My pussy was wet now and my moans louder. My nipples had become more sensitive than I think I had ever felt them before. I was at the point where I wanted to touch him anywhere I could. In the mean time I was curious about what the last comment he made meant.
“I don’t want to fuck you on the bed”, he said to continue his tease.
“Well what do you want?”, I said in my most dutiful voice.

CJ then took matters into his own hands. I could tell this was a well planned out setting. Our bedroom has a large glass door to the patio that is covered with wide vertical blinds. CJ opened the blinds and moved them all to the far right. It really was beautiful outside, snow always seems to make things more quiet and serene. CJ stood sideways in front of the door. I could see his cock jutting out from between his thighs, but I just kept staring at him.
“Come on over here babe and join me”, CJ asked.
I quickly moved towards him and when I was about to embrace him, he stopped me and pushed me to my knees. I moved my mouth to his cockhead, but again he stopped me.
“Not this time Deb”, he told me.
As he continued smiling and speaking to me softly he said all I was allowed to do was lick his balls. He didn’t even want me to touch his cock. He lifted his hard-on so it rested on my face as I tilted it upwards and I flicked my tongue over his sacs. I could tell by those special moans of his that he was enjoying my tongue play.
He gasped between his moans to say “Long licks on ‘em now babe”.
I flattened my tongue and as I rolled his nuts over my tongue I could feel his cock twitch and harden on my face.

When I could feel the heat of his cock and could smell that man essence that I know is CJ I wanted to taste more of him, have more of him. He wouldn’t allow it and I realized this was just his way to extend my torture. It started with the obscure whispers, moved onto the play that only seemed to be focused on my tits and nipples, now my tongue is being kept from his meat.
There was a final moan before he lifted me up by the shoulders so we were face to face again. He pulled on the chain that was attached to my nips and again sucked them like a hungry baby. As I was delighting in the sensation and the fact that my cunt was dripping, you know, when all you seem to be experiencing is a oneness with the sensations your body is sending you. All of a sudden I wasn’t only spinning from the sensual experience, but because CJ was quickly turning me towards the door and pushing me against it.
What a sensation! The ice cold feeling of smooth polished glass was hitting my already very erect nipples, it was painful and pleasurable at the same time, almost like the sensation I love of being spanked. My abdomen was pressing against the glass also, my pussy tingled in a way I had never felt, and it was an adventure. All these different feelings were joining with a favorite kink, my exhibitionism. CJ held me pressed against the glass as his cock pushed on my ass cheeks. He pushed my knees apart and tilted my hips so he could enter into my very ready slippery cunt. I moaned out as he did so and saw my hot breath vaporize on the glass. I was hot and cold at the same time. Heat from my hips down and cold from my waist up.
CJ drove into me with his heat as he tugged on my nipple chain at the time, whispering in my ear, “Does it burn babe? I want to make you burn.”
He was surely succeeding at that.

As CJ and I rocked against each other, I began to survey the view I had. The parking lot was basically empty. Not even the dog walkers in the neighborhood seemed to be out. Rather than being discouraged by this, it was the possibility that I could be seen at any moment still turned me on. There were the passing salt trucks and plows that would go down the street every so often, but that was the only sign of life. CJ just would fuck me harder when he saw that a car or truck was going by. Just as he said when we first got to the bedroom, he does know how to do me kinky, and I love him for it. He really was stirring my pussy now. As we moved together, the warmer I got, the more the double intensity struck my body, the more our moans filled the air, and I got closer to cumming.

CJ was getting closer to exploding too. I could feel his hot breath on my neck and shoulders as my hot breath would just hit the glass, causing more clouds. Sometimes he would drive so hard, fast, and deep that just the top of my clit would hit the cold door. I could feel my cunt pucker and pull tight on his cock when it happened. Then it happened, perfection! I saw a salt truck slow down as he drove up our street. In fact he came to a full halt.
CJ slowed down a bit and whispered in my ear, “Do you like that honey?”
“Oh yes! Fuck me harder, show him how I get fucked”.
He waited a moment and when the driver turned his head, obviously watching, he pounded my pussy with a perfect vigor. As he did, he tugged on my nipples and I pictured the driver pulling his hard cock out of his pants and jacking off. I lifted my arms above my head and pushed my hands on the glass, staring at the guy in the truck, I grasped CJ’s cock with my kink filled pussy as we came together. Oh god, it was wonderful! I crumpled onto the floor with my eyes still on the salt truck. He was already driving off and I sighed. I turned around, looked up at CJ and said, “I do like to be kept warm on a cold winter’s day”.

I was rejuvenated the next day, ready to go to work. As I turned onto our street in the morning for some strange reason I had to drive around a large pile of road salt.

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Pile of salt - very funny!