Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CBW #105 It's All Good

This submission was good all around

JC (no not CJ) said the following in his email:

Been reading your site for a while.
So glad you're enjoying and sticking with DD

Finally decided to send something in.
Glad you did

Here are two photos of me.
Both of which are yummy

I want to see if I my goods are enough to make it onto your site.
Love the goods and the package that's holding them ;)

And guys, you know that DD will always believe a hard man is good to find

There's never enough CBW, so send me your special pic for Dirty Debbie to feature. Just click on the button on the sidebar that looks like this:


Alfie said...

I always find your CBW posts fascinating - and more than a little intimidating and depressing. But they do show that a cock can be a thing of beauty.

Shay said...

Ooo you got a nice shiny one for this week ^_^

Dirty Debbie said...

Glad you both enjoy the CBW.
As for intimidation and depression...never a reason for that Alfie. Keep enjoying.

Maxie said...

WOW - is that cock available and if so, where can I meet it?

Thank you so much for sharing Debbie.