Monday, March 9, 2009

The Unlocked Door - The Finale

Please read Part Two (The Unlocked Door) before enjoying this story.

I heard an audible gasp as CJ walked into the living room. He stood there like a deer caught in the headlights. I turned my head and smiled, but I felt my cop’s cock stop in mid-stroke.

I immediately began to practically beg for mercy and my apologies rapidly fell from my mouth.
“I’m so sorry. I couldn’t help it. Please try to understand and forgive me.”, I pleaded.
My cop partner wasn’t saying a word; he was just scrambling to find his pants.
CJ shouted at the cop to stop what he was doing.
I had no idea what he was going to do next and I was worried because there was a gun in the house now. There was a pair of handcuffs still on the floor. They could be used for purposes other than fun.

All I could say was “I knew I should have locked the door”

CJ didn’t seem to agree with me. He went and quickly got his digital video camera and set it up.
“I know how you like this Deb.”, he said as he set the camera on a tripod.
I was worried that this is something that was going to be used against me down the road.

The cop and I remained where we were, stark naked, with no idea of what would happen next. It was up to CJ to make the next move and he did without any fuss. CJ started to strip out of the black pants and white shirt that were his work clothes. Soon we were both welcomed by CJ’s semi-hard dick.

CJ made sure that the video camera was recording all three of us when he started his interrogation:
“Debbie, you’re a damn whore aren’t you”, CJ started
I was familiar with his tone and immediately became more dutiful.
“Yes sir, I’m a whore”, I replied.
“You like to fuck bitches like this hard fucker?”, CJ asked the cop.
“Damn straight”, was the only reply.
“Deb, you’re not just any whore are you? You’re a cocksucking whore, right?”, CJ asked.
“Yes, I like to suck off and taste dick”, I admitted what CJ already knew.
“And did you suck this cop’s dick”, he asked.

I explained the situation, what happened, and that a blowjob wasn’t part of the script.

CJ explained to the both of us that he believed in the idea of the more the merrier when I was there with other men. Now it was CJ that dropped to his hands and knees. He set us up the way he wanted. He told me to get behind him and insisted that the cop get on his knees in front of him.

“Debbie I know you know what to do”, he said as he turned his head back towards me.
He said he couldn’t wait to get all this recorded to watch and show to me over and over. He even said that he planned on playing it for me and making me play with myself when he did. He told me he would let me know, in no uncertain terms, what a slut I was as I watched.

Then he looked straight at the cop and asked him if he liked his cock sucked on. Of course, he answered in the affirmative.
“Good”, CJ said. “Because I like to suck cock as much as Debbie does”.
I watched as the cop’s cock twitched and CJ sucked his cockhead between his lips.

I began to knead his ass as I moved in close enough to lick his balls. CJ got harder and I could hear his slurping as he enjoyed eating and sucking on our cop. I gently sucked at CJ’s nuts and moved my hands to his side. One hand moved to grasp his now rock hard cock and began to stroke while lapping at his balls. The other hand moved him down on the cop’s cock. As I shoved him onto the cock filling his mouth, the cop moaned out. I stroked at CJ’s cock faster as I moved him into a perfect face fuck tempo. Now I could hear both men moaning. One filled the room with sounds of pleasure. The other was muffled, slurping, sucking.

I was becoming jealous. I spread CJ’s legs wider so I could slip underneath him to get a taste of the most delicious hard dick I knew. His precum had already been spread over his cock from my jerking and tugging. I was on my back when I flicked my tongue at his slightly swaying hard meat. As I nibbled and licked at CJ’s meat it seemed to inspire him to suck at the cop even more. I could hear our cop’s breathing quicken and his moans were almost constant. I knew he was about to feed CJ his hot milk. It was then that I took CJ’s cock into my mouth, took him hard, deep, and started sucking immediately.
CJ moaned onto the thick meat in his mouth, the cop moaned out, “Fuck you, swallow me!”
and emptied his balls into CJ’s face.

Then it was CJ’s turn, he started to fuck my face hard. It was so deep his balls were resting on my chin and I had to work at not gagging.
CJ was encouraged by the cop saying, “Cum on the damn slut’s face”.
Listening and agreeing, CJ pulled out of my mouth as he started to cum and painted my face with his goo, spurting and groaning.

By now the cop had started to get his uniform back on and picked up his handcuffs.
I crawled out from underneath CJ.
CJ got up and turned off the camera.
By the time I got my panties on the cop was walking to the door. He turned, thanked us almost indifferently and left.

I looked at CJ, smiled, and said, “Maybe I’ll keep that door unlocked next time too”.


Maxie said...

Abso-fucking-lutely HAWT. I almost came just from reading that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Maxie, glad you enjoyed. if you almost came then I know I'm doing my job.

Anonymous said...

Hot very hot I am stroking myself right now.