Wednesday, March 18, 2009

CBW #106 Inspiration

This CBW came along with a DDU .

Apparently Leo found out how hot it is to write erotica. After his fantasy he wrote:
I've totally turned myself on writing that!

Pictured above is evidence of what Dirty Debbie likes to do to a guy

( You'll be reading his story in Debbie Does You #4 )


Leonhart said...

I'm ready whenever you are. . . No rush - the anticipation is tantalisingly delicious.

I know you won't, ah, let me down!

Leesa said...

What is a DDU? The hyperlink did not work.

Anonymous said...

Leesa, you're right and thanks for the heads up. The links on the sidebar work, but not the one in the article. This has been corrected, clicking on it will take you to the first DDU I did.
The sidebar link is to email me a fantasy.

Maxie said...

Beautiful cock. It looks like my lovers, that gorgeous length sheathed by the smooth foreskin. Can't wait to read the DDU that goes with.

Anonymous said...

Yes Maxine I do owe you and all readers that DDU. I'm hoping it's soon. It'll be worth the wait.

Leonhart said...

"It'll be worth the wait."

Words to make my mouth go dry!

And I think I want Maxie's words framed!