Sunday, May 3, 2009

Love Yourself !

Spring blooms in May, so why don't you? It's National Masturbation Month. Take some part of this month to learn to love yourself more.
A large part of my sex life is loving myself. Some people may find it lonely or desperate, but it is fun and can be a way great way to discover yourself.For the gals there's all sorts of fun toys and instructions:
Jamye Waxman's "Getting Off"
Babeland is my favorite toy store and some of their new toys are described on the Babeland blog.

For men, women, and couples has a lot of articles to choose from here.

Finally if you need a little more help click for Fleshbot's Flesh Flicks.


Leonhart said...

Nationally-speaking, I don't really count in this.

But I might just take up the idea of it being an official Masturbation Month anyway. I had a pretty sparse April!

Alfie said...

Wow. I thought there might be a National Masturbation Day - there's a day for everything else. But a whole month! Where can we buy the NMM cards to send?

Andy-bbj Los Angeles said...

Celebrate the Masturbation month.

rocketman said...

The articles are quite good. Thanks for the reference, and for the post on masturbation - something I was conditioned to feel guilty about when I was younger, but I have embraced as a legitimate way to explore and keep in touch with my own body and desires.