Monday, September 3, 2007

The Yearning

I am writing this early Sunday evening. I am visiting both my mother and my daughter, but CJ is not with me. I do not have a private area to bring out the Dirty Debbie in me, but I wanted to put keyboard to screen as it were and get some feelings out.
The separations has happened before
Whether a weekend or years it’s the same
An incompleteness
This time, reason unknown, I ache more
This morning
The cool air hardened my nipples
Was the breeze CJ, I wished that it were.

That’s it, put the shortest way I know.
Maybe the fact that I can’t express it as well as I’d like is something in and of itself. Maybe that makes the readers think to themselves, yes I know.
So it’s not such a bad thing, I know this time tomorrow I will be on my way home in more ways than one.


Bunny said...

Aw, that's so sweet! Hope your homecoming was all you wanted and more!

Anonymous said...

It was great to come home and just be held by CJ. He smelled so good, his neck was warm, he voice soothing.