Sunday, September 30, 2007

An Outline

Sure, it happens every so often. We've all read the excuses that bloggers write about their lack of recent writing.
I make no apologies or excuses. There are other things going on in my life other than my blog.

Here's some things that have happened over the past couple of weeks to me.
  • I've starting working out at Curves.
  • CJ almost made me late for work by waking me up with a hard-on.
  • I had a make over done with my boss.
  • Been to the company picnic to serve food and volleyballs.
  • Been to a brunch to thank the team I work on for all their hard work.
  • Got a phone call on the way to that brunch because the kid was in an accident in the New York subway, falling between the platform and the doors of the train. We're just thankful it wasn't worse.
  • Got a new car for CJ, a Cadillac Catera.
  • Planned the annual trip to AC with mom for next week.
  • Went to a great concert/laser show by Several Species, a Pink Floyd tribute band.
  • Had some great seminar in trauma training.
  • Have been re-certified in CPR.
  • Have been just plain weary and spent lately, but I am still working on re-charging, between CJ and my workouts I think it's working.
  • Haven't written much in the blog or to the people I owe e-mails.
No worries the cheating story will continue. I know what I want to write, I just haven't put it to paper yet.

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Bunny said...

No worries, dear. We understand. I loved Curves. It's a great workout. Then I got pregnant with #2, was in danger of a miscarriage and was forbidden to go for the rest of my pregnancy. After that, I had an infant and needed to workout somewhere with child care, so we switched to the YMCA. I've suggested they set up a circuit training area something like Curves, but no go so far. Arrggh!