Wednesday, October 3, 2007

CBW #64 - And Now For Something....

...Completely different!
The proverbial words of Monty Python never rang truer.
Mr W. in his email said "at your service" and below is one of the two pictures he sent. He's always up for the task when I make a request for CBW pictures.
What's different is that it isn't catering to my fetish.
Usually a picture of a handsome hard cock popping out of pants or briefs made me wet on the spot.
This picture shows a good man hard at work!


fasthot333 said...

Wow...that's an impressive squirt. Do you take submissions from others?

Dirty Debbie said...

To answer your question: Yes! Yes!

A while ago I put out a request to my male readers for CBW's, especially ones that fit my particular fetish:
I really get hot seeing a hard cock that is busting out of pants or shorts. Especially if a nice pair of tight balls is hanging out too.

If you look back on many of the past CBW's you'll see plenty of examples.

Please send directly to the email address that's on my profile page.

Rae said...

these are the kids of pictures that make me love CBW...I look forward to it all week. :-)