Sunday, October 21, 2007

Now It’s Face To Face (Delight Part I)

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We got to the room and as the door opened it was as though a door was opening on a brand new world.

I looked up at Mark as I walked into the room. He smile was so inviting and compassionate.
He put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door, and double locked it.

Now that we were together in the room, I realized that Mark seemed to remember all my sexual preferences, quirks, fetishes, and the level of my kink factor.
To begin with he had gotten the room before we had lunch. This gave him time to set up his own playthings. They were lined up on the desk across from the bed.

As I looked from the bed, to the desk, and back to Mark, he was closer, held me, a
nd kissed me. There it was, the feel of a man’s lips on mine, the feel of his tongue beginning to explore my mouth. The newness and at the same time the familiar made it easy for me to trust him and begin my own exploring.
As I warmed up and seemingly melted into him, he seemed to take over. After so long without the true and real attention of a man I was ready to succumb. I was more than willing to just let him be the aggressor and take me.

Then he seemed to read my mind, and took over. He undid my zipper to take my dress off. He was pleased that I had obeyed his requests, and told me so. I stood there in front of him smiling, wearing black stockings with a lace and satin garter belt. My prettiest bra was a lace maroon one and I was still in my shoes.

He removed my bra deftly and flicked his tongue across my nipples, quickly and just once. I softly moaned.
“I can’t wait to hear more of those moans Deb, it’s so much better than an email”
I assured him that he wouldn’t be disappointed.
"Now, get on the bed" he commanded
Sparks flowed through me when I heard him say that.
I crawled onto the king sized bed with child like abandon.
He came over with bondage bands and tied my wrists and ankles to the bed.
I was enthralled, but didn't say a word.
He looked so good, in his navy suit, crisp white shirt, and matching tie and handkerchief. I could see the bulge that was forming in his crotch.
"I know what you like Debbie", he said standing at the foot of the bed.

It was too true. He pulled his zipper down slowly and loosened his belt. He released his cock and my eyes were able to drink in his manness for the first time.
He was rock hard, thick, and had shaved tight balls that were draped outside his fly. He was just delicious and tempting looking like no other man I’ve been with. He was satisfying one of my favorite fetishes and he knew it. I knew I was just staring, but I couldn’t help it. I was picturing all the wonderful things he would do to me with that fine rod.
He didn’t say a word and just started to slowly stroke himself and smile at me as he watched me squirm against my restraints.
“How are you doing so far Debbie?”, he asked, still stroking.
“I’m good, and getting better by the minute”
“I can tell honey, I can tell”, he said, almost chuckling as he glanced up and down my body.

Mark moved to the side of the bed, undid his tie, and took off his shirt. He kicked off his shoes and pulled his socks off, but still that hard dick was framed by navy blue trousers.
He kneeled on the bed, he was now close enough for me to smell his musk and I got hotter. This time he did something I didn’t expect, he told me to lift up my head, then blindfolded me with his tie.
I was thrust into a world of darkness, an intensity of sensuousness that made me aware of every square inch of skin on my body, and an excitement that only anticipation brings.
I heard the rustling of more clothing so I assumed that Mark had stripped himself naked. Then it was the feeling of another body on the bed with me. I could feel his breath on my neck right before he kissed my throat, my neck, and ears. He moved softly to my mouth and back down to my neck again. This time he kept going until I could feel licking in the depths of my cleavage. I wanted to hold him, run my hands over his shoulders and through his hair. I automatically pulled against my restraints again. I heard Mark laugh softly as I did so and he told me not to bother.
I relaxed again, enjoying being worshipped in my own dark pleasure trip.
“This doesn’t seem fair, I can’t reciprocate”, I said
“That’s the point”, Mark answered.
He continued with “I’m delighting in you now Deb, you’ll have your chance”.
Then it was the wonderful feeling of my nipples being suckled that caused me to moan out. I was convinced that he had committed all my emails to memory. He remembered all the things I told him I liked. But when I thought about it I knew all his preferences too and I was just bidding my time to make him feel just as good.
The sound of sucking filled the room as Mark hungrily nibbled and suckled on my nipples. He stopped for a moment and I heard rustling again. A cool feeling of metal was the next feeling I had on my tits. Mark then attached nipple clamps. The pressure was adjustable and he told me to tell him when it got too uncomfortable. I let him tighten them, but I could still feel metal across my tits. He began kissing my tits, then worked his way lower, licking and kissing my stomach, navel, and then I felt his breath on my shaved mound.
His next trick was so intense I almost came. He gently parted my inner lips with his tongue and ran down my hot slit and back again to my clit while at the same time he yanked on that metal chain I felt earlier. My hard nipples were pulled on perfectly as I felt his tongue on my swollen clit.My moan was loud this time and I bucked against the ties holding me down.
“Oh god what next?” I moaned out.

“The night is young”, is all Mark would say.


Midwestern City Boy said...

I like this series. Please continue.

Constantly Distracted said...

Don't worry, love. We are reading and enjoying it.